Iptables command failed error message

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by ut0wj, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. ut0wj

    ut0wj Guest

    I am receiving the following errors:

    Apr 26 13:00:01 tomato syslog.info root: -- MARK --
    Apr 26 13:00:01 tomato user.info rcheck[1988]: Activating rule 1
    Apr 26 13:00:02 tomato user.err rcheck[1988]: Iptables command failed. Retrying in 15 minutes.

    These errors are happening every 15 minutes. My network is configured as follows:

    Static IP Address on both Cable and DSL are set on Router. Both Cable and DSL are in Bridge mode.

    This is the Physical Layout
    Comcast Cable
    -Router (RV042 Dual WAN Router - Comcast is primary link and DSL is failover)
    --Buffalo w/Wireless
    ---Small Business Server

    Addresses changes to protect my a$$
    External Public Static IP Address - Comcast
    External Public Static IP Address - DSL
    Router Internal Address -
    Buffalo Address -
    Server Address - (Windows Small Business Server 2008)
    Switch Address -
    Network Print Server Address -
    DHCP/DNS served by
    DHCP Range -
    Subnet Mask -
    Gateway -
    DNS -

    This is a work environment. My customer would like to block access to Social Networking sites like Facebook and Myspace for 2 computers.

    I have enabled a rule using the MAC address of these two computers and entered facebook and myspace in the HTTP Request section. The rule is only supposed to be active M-F all day. I am still able to get to myspace and facebook from these computers.

    The only thing I can figure is that even though the traffic is physically going through the Buffalo (Tomato) box, it is ignoring it for some reason. Probably the error message at the beginning of this post.
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