Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by SFCRAIG, Oct 7, 2004.


    SFCRAIG Network Guru Member

    First post , here... Downloaded hyperwrt 1.4, installed with add on for batbox.. Things I'm going to look at ,,,, wallwatcher, kismet, snort, ssh...

    A few questions (in priority order) if I may..

    1. I am pretty new to iptables, although I think I'm pretty knowledgable about firewalls .

    displaying forward chain I see:

    logaccept udp anywhere (my workstation) udp 14086
    logaccept tcp 14166

    interesting on workstation, these correspond to messenger on my desktop? Why would default iptables have forward rules to my dhcp workstation with msn?? Seems odd.

    The input chain is vanilla, I haven't even made my changes for syslog yet.

    2) Has anyone upgraded busybox to see if it resolves the syslog issue with wallwatcher?

    3) I'm assuming short of snort, or syslog, any way to see whats happening with these ports (above) perhaps tcpdump??


    Great work on this firmware...
  2. auslander

    auslander Network Guru Member

    Looks like you have UPnP active. Turn that off, reboot the router, and that rule should no longer exist.

    SFCRAIG Network Guru Member

    UPNP & forwarding

    I figured that out last night, as I ran an nmap scan on the router etc, and some google searches. Still puzzling why even if upnp was active why the firewall would have an iptables rule forwarding to my workstation. I don't understand how the rule would be dynamically created to forward to my workstation???

  4. auslander

    auslander Network Guru Member

    Re: UPNP & forwarding

    Because your workstation told it to forward those ports, via UPnP. The UPnP daemon on the router then created the iptables rule.
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