IPtraf "xterm-error"

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by clumsy, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. clumsy

    clumsy Guest


    i downloaded iptraf from the batbox-project and copied onto my WRT54gs.

    I found in this forum someone with the same problem, so i've done this:

    scp /usr/share/terminfo/x/xterm root@wrt54gs:/tmp/terminfo/x/
    on WRT:
    export TERMINFO='tmp/terminfo/x'
    export TERM='xterm'

    Error opening terminal: xterm.

    What's wrong??
    THX for help!!!

  2. Chazza

    Chazza Network Guru Member

    I had to do something like this:

    export TERM='xterm-color'
    export TERMINFO='/tmp/iptraf/etc/terminfo'
    mkdir /tmp/iptraf
    mkdir /tmp/var/log/iptraf
    mkdir /tmp/var/run/iptraf
    mkdir /tmp/var/local
    mkdir /tmp/var/local/iptraf

    I also had to upload a file, I think it was xterm-color, to the router.
  3. wildbi111

    wildbi111 Network Guru Member

    The TERMINFO variable should point to the terminfo root directory such as:
    export TERMINFO=/tmp/terminfo/x

    The xterm-color file should be placed in the directory:
    /tmp/terminfo/x and TERM should be set to:
    export TERM=xterm-color

    That should clear up the error with the xterm-color file.

    Now to the problem I have always had. Iptraf seems to only want to look at eth0 or eth1 and not the vlan0 and vlan1. When you select the interface to be either of the eth interfaces you see packets being captured but no stats are showing up on the screen for the "IP Traffic Monitor". The "Lan Station Monitor" options seems to work ok. The "General Interface Stas" option seems to work ok as well as does the "Detailed Statistics" (sort of).

    Does anyone have any clues/insights in to this?
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