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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by antonija, Sep 29, 2010.

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    Here's my situation: I run WRT54GL v1.1/tomato 1.28 connected to FTTH switch. My ISP provides IPTV via UPD multicast, and I would like to connect my PC's IPTV NIC (second one) through WRT and not have second cable running from switch to IPTV NIC. So I hooked second NIC to router and ticked "Allow multicast" in tomato web GUI, set up VLC and voila! I got sound and picture.

    But sadly after about 5 min after closing down VLC I can't get picture back unless I go to tomato GUI and uncheck&check multicast option and save config. Then stream comes back bot dies again couple of minutes after closing down VLC. With direct connection to the switch this did no happen, so it must be something with tomato (or the igmp thingy doing something weird). My guess is that all this uncheck/check/save is doing is restart of igmp thingy... is there a way to restart it automatically when things go bad?

    Is there a fix/hack/workaround to get this running?

    I searched forums for solution but all I found was few post from past years asking for this feature to be implemented/debugged.
  2. antonija

    antonija Networkin' Nut Member

    Just a quick update: I sniffed the packages coming in from my ISP and it turned out they were IGMPv2. IGMPv3 does not play well with IGMPv3 (which was what my winXP was sending back) and so my WRT never got the leave group package and just kept adding stream upon a stream upon a stream until it had enough.

    Making winXP TCP/IP stack speak in IGMPv2 did the trick and IPTV is working like a charm at the moment!! :thumbups:
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