IPv6 Firmware For Linksys WRT54G? any1 tried

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by Juanj, May 27, 2005.

  1. Juanj

    Juanj Network Guru Member

  2. alansmith

    alansmith Network Guru Member

    tried it.

    I downloaded and tried the firmware. I am guessing that it "could" work. You have to have an actual Internet accessable IP in your WRT54G though. My wireless ISP gives me a wireless LAN ip and i have a 1to1 NAT in their firewall giving me an internet IP . This doesn;t work with the earlink firmware though because it wants to use me wireless LAN. Same reason I can't use the DDNS client in WRT54g
  3. Juanj

    Juanj Network Guru Member


    Thankyou for the awnser...

    1.But when you install that firmware, should you're normal internet continue to work?

    2.And might it not be a nice idea for other firmware creators to add IPV6
    functions to it?

    3. Is there any list of IPv6 websites?
    like this one (wich will only work if ipv6 is setup correctly)
  4. alansmith

    alansmith Network Guru Member


    Yes IPv4 still works.

    .IPv6 websites is a link of some pages .
  5. Juanj

    Juanj Network Guru Member

    When i try to flash the fimware, i'm getting

    Upgrade are failed...

    What does this mean?

    Also official firmware now shows this error...

    WRT54G v2.0
    Wired connection
    Firmware 4.00.7
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