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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by zapoqx, Aug 2, 2013.

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    Alright, so this is a setup that I have been stumped about.

    So 1 system in particular seems to get affected with slow website loading whenever I was using an adblock script, IPv6, or sometimes with OpenDNS server setup (just wait a moment for the explanation).

    Adblock Script:
    I was using the all-you-need adblocking that for a while hasn't seen much updates. When using it, it seems 2 systems were affected with certain websites either failing to load or loading VERY slowly. Whitelisting them only made them run a little faster. Disabling the entire script on the other hand fixed the issues. The 2 systems weren't mine, so the ones I used, I'd be surprised when it was affected at all.

    When I set it to IPv6, it seems those on Wireless connecting to certain websites, it would run massively slower. Of course, my thoughts because of a game launcher one time not running due to having IPv6 turned on on the router level (through HE), it was an incompatibility thing and not wanting to check on IPv4 quick enough. Yet, my thoughts were dashed away quickly usually with my computer hardlined to the device and testing those same websites functioning no problem. On top of that, checking on the IPs they used (the websites), they either did have an IPv6 address or they had an IPv4 and its nameserver check was quick to identify that there wasn't an IPv6 and checked IPv4 no problem. So, lovely me checking, turning off IPv6, all the devices in question having issues with certain websites would suddenly run correctly. Of course, somewhere along the way that I'm pretty sure I asked here before, the possible conclusion came to needing a new wireless for the said devices, but of which, only 2 could get a new wireless card and the others were hardware bound without some major modding on my end.

    I consider this more of an issue on timing, but sometimes, they had websites that would just outright fail to load. Of course, I double check and it seemed to fail to load on my computer's so I had to assume mostly that the server was down. It seems though that in some cases, its nameserver never updated quickly to OpenDNS and... wouldn't you know it, the main ISP server's did. However, it wasn't always the case. Sometimes, it wouldn't load on their end, and mine it did (but the good thing was it was limited to their laptops as opposed to all their devices).

    Now that all of that is explained, I decide I need to get IPv6 back up so I can at least have better understanding on what does what while on it instead of being last minute surprised and having to do lots of unnecessary personal time just to make sure certain things were working. So after updating to Victek's Tomato RAF from 1.1w to 1.1x and seemingly all have no issues, I turn on IPv6 with HE once more. All seems to work fine (and better for that matter). Assumed it was maybe some sites weren't IPv6 ready yet in some cases. Others, code fixes since when I last used IPv6 on previous tomato builds (Either Toastman's or Victek's builds of long ago). Since then, there has also been one extra change. One of the laptops that has caused some of my pain on wireless was changed to wired. I have been testing the adblock script from the lean, mean adblock thread. Had no issues for a few days (before the IPv6 turn on). So with IPv6, the laptop itself ends up having an issue. Now there is 2 parts to this:
    1: Its the same exact issue as back with its wireless for website loadings.
    2: It is connected by wire to a 10/100 5-port switch.

    So my thoughts is either that device is straight up not liking IPv6 on its drivers (which I wouldn't know how to find that out), the switch is interfering with IPv6 handshaking, or a setting in Windows 7 needs to be changed, but what, I don't know.

    Is there anything I could try to figure out what could be the issue before IPv6 becomes a standard (Probably in a year)? Or is it that I'd be better off waiting and buying a replacement to each device?
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