Is it jus tme or have Linksys routers become very crappy very fast?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Ashsrighthand, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Ashsrighthand

    Ashsrighthand LI Guru Member

    About a year ago I got to try the 300N, Linksys's first N router, which was ok but the D-link DIR-625 had better range in my house. A couple of weeks ago thought I'd give the great (in principle) 350N a try... my first second gen N router. After 48 hours of tearing what little hair I have left out, more reboots than I can count, admin pages that would not load, 3 different firmwares and a total inability to get the USB storage to work properly (never long enough to transfer a complete 1GB file), I got the 330N instead. Got it Friday.

    Well ladies and gents, I'm sorry to say after 36 hours, my old D-Link DIR-625 is back and will stay there for the time being. The 330N wrorks fine, Gigabit wired Ethernet and all, except for this: it keeps stopping to transmit wirelessly... for no reason at all (it seems to me). The wireless network just ups and vanishes without rhyme or reason. (that's on 2 different laptops with two different brand wireless receivers). I used to have a WRT54G which never gave me any trouble but this is just ridiculous. Anyone have any idea before I send this crap back again? Firmware I had was 1.00.4 (yes, you read that right, I kow it's not officially available but that's what the sent me). They were supposed to send me 1.00.5 but after 36 hours no news. Anyway I tried 3 firmwares on the 350N and the problems only got worse, rarely better.

    Is this the end for Linksys?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    What wireless device is all these WRT connecting too? my thoughts straight away must be some sort of interference or incompatability with whatever is connecting to the WRT's? what Wireless device (Make and model/chipset) is connecting to them?
  3. Ashsrighthand

    Ashsrighthand LI Guru Member

    One is the D-Link PC card (DWA-642), another is Dell's own N draft integrated card. I would have tried Linksys' own WPC300N but it keeps crashing my XP laptop (blue screen of death and auto reboot). I forgot to add that little tidbit to my original post. As for chipsets sorry I do not know.
  4. Rekoil

    Rekoil LI Guru Member

    If the WRT350N is a V1 device, you might wanna check dd-wrt out. :)
  5. Ashsrighthand

    Ashsrighthand LI Guru Member

    V1? Sorry guys I am wayyyyy behind you guys as far as router terminology goes :) I just plug 'em in and hope they work. Or close.
  6. Rekoil

    Rekoil LI Guru Member

    Does the serial number start with CNQ or SNQ?

    If it starts with CNQ, it's a V1 and it's compatible with dd-wrt.

    Another way to identify a V1, is by looking at firmware number, if its 1.* then it's a v1, a v2 uses 2.* firmware.
  7. Ashsrighthand

    Ashsrighthand LI Guru Member

    SN starts with PPX1 actually... I might give DD-WR a try... the router worked fine other than the wirless network disappearing (which is kinda major). Otherwise anybody want a 330N for not too much money? :wink: Although the 330N is NOT in the list of supported routers on the DD-WRT site... you think I should try it anyway?
  8. Rekoil

    Rekoil LI Guru Member

    The WRT330N is not supported no. But, we could use a little help in getting it supported if you want. What we need is for someone to assemble a serial console, accessing the CFE prompt and backing up the entire CFE. BrainSlayer wants it to determine wether it's supported or not.

    Honestly I think it's just a WRT350N with different firmware but you can never be sure, and I assume you don't want to end up with a brick.

    See this thread.
  9. Gripweed

    Gripweed LI Guru Member

    I see you promoting DD-WRT here and over at the forum and you make it sound like a very simple solution that works perfectly out of the box. But it's not, is it? In order to get the USB working (one of the big selling points of the 350N) you need to play around with loading linux-based scripts separately from the firmware. Another problem that I experienced when I tried it and others are having the same problem is that the LEDs get all screwed up when you use it. The Internet might wind up on the ethernet 2 LED or ethernet 1 might now be ethernet 4. I forget specifically where things wound up but they were wrong.
    I think I speak for most 350N owners, we are pissed off at Linksys for basically forgetting about us and leaving us with buggy firmware but we aren't knowledgable enough to jump through the hoops that DD-WRT wants us to do to get a bugfree version from them. Just give us a single .bin file firmware that we can load in that has the USB and LEDs working properly. That's all we want. When we get that I'll be out there promoting DD-WRT with you.
  10. Ashsrighthand

    Ashsrighthand LI Guru Member

    Unfortunately I tend to agree with Gripweed in that I really do not have the technical knowledge to configure DD-WRT as it needs to be, let alone dig around the router itself. I'm sorry Rekoil I would have liked to help.

    In my case Linksys finally sent me the 1.00.5 firmwarefor my 330N and so far, it's been 24 hours and no dropped wireless network. Keeping fingers crossed. Will keep you updated, just for information's sake.
  11. Rekoil

    Rekoil LI Guru Member


    I'm not trying to "promote" dd-wrt. I'm simply trying to inform users that there is a working solution to the wlan problems were all having with Linksys firmware. But you're right about the USB part. If you forget about that for a minute though, dd-wrt is easy peasy to configure :)

    Believe me I'm pissed off at Linksys too about the defective firmware.

    About getting USB working in dd-wrt by the way. I have uploaded a custom compile of the latest V24 build with the USB packages all built in. I could easily build ftp into the firmware and write a script to automatically mount the drive for sharing via FTP. I just don't have the time right now.

    In 2 weeks time after my trial HSC exams, I will do that and see how its accepted.

    Sorry if it seemed like I was spamming "USE DD-WRT! ITS TEH GRAETEST!!!11!11!one1111!!!" I didn't mean for it to come out like that. But to be honest, I'll never buy a router not compatible with dd-wrt again.

    Edit: By the way the WRT350Ns big selling point for me, was the fast processor, 802.11n and gigabit ethernet. USB was just a nice extra.
  12. Gripweed

    Gripweed LI Guru Member

    Well, I somehow managed to brick my 350N while loading in your build. It just stalled during the update and now I'm left with a router that has one solid light for about 10 seconds, blinks for about 2 seconds and repeats. I can't get the thing to communicate at all with my computer. I tried most, if not all, the basic unbricking techniques but it won't budge.
    No hard feelings. I don't blame you or DD-WRT. The 350N is just a crap router. I'll never buy another new Linksys product again after this experience. I'm back to my old, reliable WRT54G 2.2 (now with Tomato 1.07 in it) and loving it.
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