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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dialupdink, Oct 21, 2007.

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    Although I live in a relatively heavily populated area, I am unable to get high speed Internet access at a reasonable price. DSL is not yet available and the cable people want $3200 to install a booster for the nearest connection at 150 yards away. I refuse to give Direct Satellite Access too much money for hardware and $60 monthly for questionable access and connection speeds.
    So what do I want? I can pick up a high speed connection sporadically on my laptop from my neighbors wireless router which is high speed cable connected. Is there a Linksys product I can buy to better gather and realistically use my cooperative (and sympathetic) neighbor's signal?
    I know this lowers my chances for eternal salvation, but I can't take dial-up any longer and cannot afford (or desire) the options until DSL from Verizon gets here. Does anyone have any suggestions besides moving? I am wondering if a wireless-n router would work or the exterior wireless-n router would work at a distance of 150 yards with a fairly clean line of sight? Thanks.....
  2. Macskeeball

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    Yes, it's possible, and you don't necessarily have to use Linksys products for that. If you haven't already thought of it, you might want to consider chipping in for some of your neighbor's Internet bill.

    Tip #1: Placing the routers higher is better for signal, and try to avoid interference from cordless phones, microwaves, etc.

    Tip #2: There are replacement antennas available that increase signal strength and are more directional.
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