Is my WRE54G range extender working or not ...

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by iloxib, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. iloxib

    iloxib Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G router in my room, a WRE54G range extender in the living room and a WUSB54GS network adapter in my son's room. After hours of fussing with the WRE54G I finally got the LINK LED to go from red to blue. The distance from my computer with the WRT54G and my son's with the WUSB54GS is approximately 40 feet. The WRE54G range extender sits half way to my son's computer.

    When I access my son's computer I can see activity on the WRE54G so I'm assuming it's working AOK. However, two things are bothering me ...

    1. I don't really see any increase in the signal strength the WUSB54GS is receiving. I do understand the WRE54G is not a signal booster, but I feel if the signal range in fact did increase by adding the WRE54G then I should see a somewhat stronger signal than I had before installing the WRE54G. The WUSB54GS initially had about 4 to 5 bars on the monitor before adding the range extender. It now shows the same, but at times will jump up to 9 bars for a fews seconds and then back down to 4 to 5 bars.

    2. This one really bothers me. I'm under the impression I should be seeing a decrease in transfer rate. In other words, instead of seeing a transfer rate of 54 Mbps I should be seeing something around 27 Mbps. I still a transfer rate of 54 Mbps. This tells me something is probably wrong, but after checking and re-checking I can't figure it out.

    Is it possible to still have my old signal strength and speed and still assume all is AOK with the WRE54GS range extender? Then again, if it's not working why the activity on the WRE54G?

    Any help will be appreciated ...

  2. wqqh

    wqqh Guest

    WRE54G Extender

    I had the same issue. I finally disabled SSID broadcasting on my WRT54G and then reestablished my network connection on my laptop by locating available networks. Since only the extender was broadcasting its SSID, I knew I was connecting to the extender and not the router and could verify the connection.
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Change the SSID on the WRE54G. If you are connecting toe the WRE54G you will see its SSID. The SSID does not ahve to be the same as the access point it is repeating. You will see the connection speed to the WRE54G not the actual throughput. That is why you are seeing 54mbs. If you have NetStumber installed on your PC you can see the MAC address, which you are connecting to.
  4. iloxib

    iloxib Network Guru Member

    :) Wqqh and Howardp6 ... you guys are gurus! I did what you both said and sure enough my son's computer then showed two SSID's. I was able to lock onto the WRE54G with his computer and all seems well now. I now fully understand the speed thing too.

    Thanks for your responses ...

  5. stanward

    stanward Network Guru Member

    The WRE54G is the most DIFFICULT thing to set up, per Linksys' tech support.

    I had to set mine up twice(with WEP) and the first time was very difficult and very unorthodox(did not follow the instructions manual when speaking to Linksys tech support.

    The tech support people I spoke to really know what they're dealling with, a beast!

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