Is PSUS4 compatible with EPSON CX6600?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jglassy, Feb 2, 2008.

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    I just bought a PSUS4 (wired print server +switch with 4 ports, firmware vers.6034) for home network, to connect a EPSON CX6600 all-in-one inkjet printer up to our home (a WORKGROUP, not DOMAIN) Windows network (several XP machines, 1 laptop runs Win2000-Pro).
    The PSUS4 appears to install more or less correctly, but print jobs sent from any PC to it appear to make it inside the print (e.g. the CX6600 LCD reports "Printing..." and its print queue reports (1 job printing) but nothing comes out; the printer has ink and worked fine the day before I interfaced it via the PSUS4; now it stays hung indefinitely upon the first print queue job and thus cannot print anything.
    I note a few inconsistencies in the install process. A dialog comes up and says "EPSON Queue Manager" must be turned off, it is incompatible with Print Server"; but, in WinXP, EPSON does not support the Queue Manager anyway, so what is this about? I realize the PSUS4 has a bit of on-board print buffer memory, so assume it performs a limited about of buffering all on its own.
    The Linksys PSUS4 Print Server documentation does an OK job covering all the setup details for the Print Server proper, but it neglects to say much at all about the last, more important part of this end-to-end process: sitting down on a remote, networked PC and, after browsing to find a new networked printer to add, they don't review how to get diagnostic confirmation that the end-to-end pathway is correct; BiAdmin offers to blindly print a test page, but if/when something goes wrong, it does not address anything about what to do about it.
    Any ideas? I have to return it to a local Staples store within 12 days or so if I can't get this to work. Overall I like the Print Server itself, and its nice that it has 4 ports so I'd love to get it working.

    Joe G
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