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  1. glock918

    glock918 Network Guru Member

    With the help of DocLarge’s advice, I almost have my QuickVPN set up.

    First, a general question before I waste everyone’s time further. With QuickVPN up and running correctly, when I am connected to my WRRV54G (v.2.38.6) remotely, and I am surfing the net, is this encrypted as well? This is my goal. Here is what I have done so far, and why I ask.

    Client is XP Pro, SP2. I now connect to home, and can ping a local computer there on my work group. I still can not access the computer using search though.

    While connected, I intentional surf the net. I noticed on the router attached to the client computer (Linksys BEFVP41 v2 Firmware 1.01.04) the logs show each web site I went to accurately, from the correct IP address.

    Scenario: I’m at a coffee shop and I need to protect myself the best I can while I send work email or documents.

    If the free quick VPN is not my solution, please tell me what I need to get for this router. Its new, and I like it, but I can still send it back. I’m don’t mind paying for a client that will do what I need with this router. Is it correct XP Pros built in one will not do this with this router?

    Thanks in advice.
    Art in KY
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member


    No, only traffic destined for the protected LAN will be encrypted.

    That's a tough question to answer, if it wasn't for the NAT-T issue then any third party VPN client would do, as it stands there's no easy way to achieve what you want :???:
  3. glock918

    glock918 Network Guru Member

    I can access a computer on WRV54G side now via IP address, and ping everything I should be able too, so I guess I only have the general question above.

    Does QuickVPN secure my internet traffic, such as checking my email, inputting usernames and passwords?

    Thanks in advance.
    Art in KY

    I hit submit right after Taz did. Any ideas on encripting the internet traffic?
  4. glock918

    glock918 Network Guru Member

    Thanks TazUK, looks like Im at square 1, but at least I know now.
    Art in KY
  5. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    When connecting with quickvpn back to your router, only the information on the distant end you're retrieving (such as your file shares) are encrypted. Your internet traffic will still pass through your local internet connection and not through your quickvpn connection (damn, I can't find the "fact" I read that information in :sad: ).

  6. glock918

    glock918 Network Guru Member

    Thank you Doc. Can this router do this with any client? THanks for your time.
    Art in KY
  7. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Unfortunately, when you have the WRV54G online, quickvpn is the "only" vpn client it will respond to. If you wanted to use a third party vpn client like greenbow or ssh sentinel, you'd have to connect your laptop "directly" to your cable/xdsl modem.

    Through trial and error, I stumbled across one possible solution I use if I want my WRV on line; buy a "second" router that utilizes NAT-T and GRE and make it your internet connected router; in this configuration, your WRV will be connected to the first router by running a CAT5 cable from one of the first router's LAN ports to its (WRV) WAN port. Using this setup give you two separate LAN segments.

    Once I made the necessary configurations, I could use greenbow vpn from behind my WRV because all traffic from that segment was passing through the first router's segment "which" was capable of passing NAT-T and GRE.

    If you wanted to use this solution, you chould buy the following NAT-T/GRE capable routers: SMCBR14UP, SMCBR14VPN, BEFVP41. These I know for a fact can pass NAT-T and GRE.

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