Is switching in my BEFSX41 working properly?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by yalles, Jun 6, 2006.

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    I've got linksys switch/router named in subject and i'm just wondering if embedded switch is working properly. Testing environment is 2 computers connected to it and DSL. On computer no.1 i'm running packet monitoring tool, i.e. ethereal with promiscuous mode turned on, so every packet in network will be read by software. Second computer is comunicating with Internet.
    1. Computer no.2 is trying to comunicate with outside IP address, so it needs to go through router. With broadcast ARP protocol it asks of router's MAC adress. Computer no.1 sees this of course.
    2. Router responds to computer no 2. with it's MAC address. Computer no.1 doesn't see this naturally.
    3. Computer no.2 is comunicating with external IP through router. in IP layer the source address is IP of computer no.2, and destiny is IP of outside server. in Ethernet frame source is MAC adress of computer no.2, and destiny is MAC address of router. This packet should be send by switch from computer no.2 to router only - in my case, router and switch is the same device, so packet should not be sent elsewhere in LAN. But on computer no.1 with sniffer, I can see those packets! For example HTTP GET's and similar. With all addresses like I've just mentioned. So my question is - is switch working well? I never should get packets not addressed to me or am I wrong? I must add, that packets that are comming back - from outside IP to computer no.2, computer no.1 doesn't see (like it should be).

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