is the wag54g able to run a different software?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by techt, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. techt

    techt Network Guru Member

    a look into the wag54g shows

    a Samsung ARM S3C210A01 processor.
    a IS42S32200B-6T (RAM)
    a 29LV160ATTC-90 Flash and also a IC42S16100-7T chip on the board.

    the complete radio part is on a pcmcia card.

    is it possible to run on this hardware a soft like this for a wtr54g?

    any comments?

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  3. techt

    techt Network Guru Member

    no i had no problems, everything works very good

    i think only about the possibilitys of the router (hardware),
    traffic shaping an so on was fine.
    or should i better buy a wrt54gs and use the wag54g only as dsl modem.
    is it possible to do that?

  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    it is possible to do i should think. the wrt54g does have much more features. it is a pity linksys wont move som e features over to the WAG54G from the WRT
  5. fizzbang

    fizzbang Guest

    Wag54G operating system hidden functions?

    When you look at the WLAdvanced HTML code I found these lines commented out:

    Transmit Power Control

    name=wl_txpower value='22'



    I've had to take all the HTML codes out in order to post here!

    When you take the whole page into an HTML editor and take the comment out you get a web page giving the option of transmit power control and "more..."

    Can this be exploited?

    I've replaced the integral antenna with a TNC connector and measured the power using a spectrum analyser at only about 2mW!!!

    Anyone know how to exploit the HTML/ Firmware 1.02.7?
  6. newyork

    newyork Guest


    If you catch the whole html code in a html editor and enable those two options (by removing the <-- and --> ) and load that page in IE, you can change the transmiting power, but you cannot save this setting on the wag54g.

    To save it on your wag54g, you have to specifie that gozila.cgi -which rules the data saving- is on In the modified WLAdvanced.htm page, you should put:

    <form name=F1 method=get action= onreset='return false'>

    instead of:

    <form name=F1 method=get action=Gozila.cgi onreset='return false'>

    Save the page, run it, and change the transmitting power!
    :D I did it with success, but it doesn't seem that the extra power is huge. Is there a problem with my modifications ?

    PS: I really my English isn't too bad. Please forgive me for that!
  7. p25o1

    p25o1 Network Guru Member

    very interesting

    first of all,, how do you find these things ,, coooool
    i'll try it and post my outcomes. :)
  8. benoitd

    benoitd Guest

    Tried it a couple of days ago: seems to work fine in the user interface ("Settings saved successfully + reboot), but nothing seems to have changed in terms of range/Xmit power. Looks to me like latent support or cut & paste from a different piece of kit...

  9. p25o1

    p25o1 Network Guru Member

    quick test results

    this mod seems to work, a small test was i changed the power to 1 and the link was so bad i lost the connection, when i set it to 22 (default) it's ok , but when i set it to 84, it gives me a really good link.

    i'll try to get more facts using the monitoring tools that come with my laptop card.
  10. Wild_Weasel

    Wild_Weasel Network Guru Member

    I've done followed the instructions and all seems to be OK, is there any way of telling if the fix has been applied. If I goto the advanced page on the unit and do the process again the wl_txpower=22 not 84.

    Any advise

    Thanks :)
  11. Andy_p20

    Andy_p20 Guest

  12. Somebody

    Somebody Network Guru Member

    Could you please explain how to do this step-by-step? I don't understand the details of how to do this.

  13. wl_tweak

    wl_tweak Network Guru Member

    What firmware are you running on?


    I've tried to submit a the modified form (WLAdvanced) to my WAG54G with several wl_txpower values.
    It gives me no errors, but I see no visible change in the signal power.
    I'm currently running the latest beta version of the firmware (
    Maybe linksys has removed the function in a provious release of the firmware.
    If anybody has successfully increased its tx power could please tell me what firmware version is he running?


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