Is the WAP area dead?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by python, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. python

    python Network Guru Member

    I saw that WAP54G is kind of dead when we talk about firmware and also about answers in the forum.

    Where are the WAP54G users? I know that WRT is far more better, but for the poor ones that dont have one and bought an WAP54G where´s the help and support?
  2. Highelf

    Highelf Network Guru Member

    well, I hope it's not, because i'm a fresh newbie on wlan stuff. I have wap, WAG and WGA stuff. Actually most of my problems are on the WAG side, so I'll wait before I create WAP problems with the "MustDie" Firmware :)
    anyway, I'll be glad to get expert sometime. For example I only get a signal strenghh of about 70% between WAP and WAG when they are in the same room. If there is a wall in between (only 3 meter distance) then sthe signal sinks to 50%. My transfer rate from WAP->WAG-WGA (xbox) is only about 1 MB/s (8 Mbit/s) although everything is in G-modus only. Is this normal?
    greetings from germany,
  3. python

    python Network Guru Member

    I have two WAP54G and my transfer rate is about 10MBit/s (1Mbyte/s using FlashFXP)
    They are very far from each other with a metal fence on the window and 2 bathrooms in the middle.

    With a friend PowerBook and SAMBA on the linux machine in the same situation (the powerbook on the place of the other WAP) I get about 1.7 or 1.8 Mbyte/s. Don´t know why FTP is so slow, I cant get more than 1.2Mbyte/s
  4. Highelf

    Highelf Network Guru Member

    So I should be happy with 1 mbyte/s for 10 meters (and 2 normal walls in between) ? I thought the 54 should mean 54 mbit. Ok, with a bit of loss, I would think of something like 20 mbit (worst case). But 10 mbit are really slow in my opinion.
    Maybe I should have read this forum before buying linksys. A friend of mine is so happy with netgear :/
  5. python

    python Network Guru Member

    Sorry if I confused you.

    54 is 54Mbit/s but the maximum you will get is about 30Mbit/s

    WIth FlashFXP I get 10Mbit/s to my XBOX. With Linux SAMBA and MacOSX SAMBA I get 27Mbit/s in the exact same location that I described above.

    got it?
  6. Highelf

    Highelf Network Guru Member

    So the 10 Mbit/s limitation seems to be linked to the Xbox?
    It's funny, because with the hardwired (normal Cat5 Ethernet Cable) Xbox I could get 30 Mbit/s (always per ftp). You don't use a WGA for the Xbox, if I understand you correctly?
    Also do you get stalling sometime? I get almost constant 8-9 Mbit/s but have pauses with 0 Mb/s for something like 30 seconds every 2 minutes. Does the WGA or WAG or WAP needs to take breath in between :?:
  7. python

    python Network Guru Member

    With the wired network and the Avalaunch Dashboard I get 80Mbit/s in my network easy.

    And I get no stall at all here. I´m using Must Die 2.07r1 and all the configuration defaults except that I´m using WEP

    I guess that the problem of the FTP can be solved by setting something in the advanced wireless option menu.
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