Is the WRT54GL the same as the "old" WRT54G

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    I am a newbie to the Linux-based Linksys community and I have a newbie question. I was going to order a WRT54GL as I was led to believe that it is the Open Source replacement to the older WRT54G. Is this correct and is there a community dedicated to developing firmware for it?

    I read a FAQ that indicated as much, but I see differences in 3d party firmware for the G, GS, and GL models. Could anyone give me the skinny on them or point me to a FAQ regarding model and rev. number?

    I have done some Open Source OS development in the past and I am hoping to give it a whirl with the Linksys devices (time permitting. It seems to be slipping away).

    Thanks in advance,


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    Yes, the wrt54GL v1.0 has the same hardware as the old wrt54g v4.
    There is only is (minor) difference in the CFE, bootloader.

    You can choose GPL-firmware from openwrt, dd-wrt, hyperwrt, Tarifa and some others.

    All firmwares designed for the wrt54g version 4 will work on the wrt54gL v1.0.

    The wrt54g and the wrt54gs are the same units: where some versions of the wrt54gs have double RAM/FLASH, the wrt54gs has speedbooster enabled and some wrt54g-v? have 32 MByte RAM but only 16 Mbyte enabled.

    A list of the models:

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