Is there really a maximum size for the attached disk?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by egalitarian, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. egalitarian

    egalitarian LI Guru Member

    I was looking into buying a nslu2 for my home network. What made me rethink my descision was a review from stating the following
    The actual review is here.
    Is this true or the author got it wrong somehow? I read this part three times and still don't quite understand what's the connection between the nslu2's memory and the disk size.
  2. Prickle

    Prickle Network Guru Member

    I ran a 320Gb HDD on my slug for ages, the drive eventually failed, but it worked fine right out of the box.
  3. ChiefZeke

    ChiefZeke LI Guru Member

    I've been running a WD 500Gb for about 6 months - no problems.
  4. Image63

    Image63 LI Guru Member

    2 Terabytes

    I have a 400 gig on port 1 and a NSPIRE USB RAID box with 1.6 terabytes on port 2. They have been running 24-7 for about 7 months without a hickup :)

    Firmware Version: V2.3R72

    USB Port 1: Ready, 375331MB (80% Free)
    USB Port 1: Type: ST340063 2A
    Free Space: 297137 MBytes (80 %)

    USB Port 2: Ready (FAT/NTFS), 1526214MB (67% Free)
    USB Port 2: Type: MLOGIC USB2Disk
    Free Space: 964609 MBytes( 63% )

    The 400 gig drive was formated EXT by the NSLU2 on Port 1
    and the NSPIRE USB RAID STORAGE BOX (NSP-E350B4U) with four 400 gig hard drives in mode 1 was formatted NTSF by my PC as one 1.6 TB drive, then I moved it over to the NSLU2 Port 2.
    Warning: It takes almost 8 hours to format a 1.6 Terabyes USB drive :biggrin:
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