Is WAG320N with Annex-B possible?

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Can the WAG320N-hardware be used as an Annex-B DSL-Router?

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  1. fish4link

    fish4link Reformed Router Member

    Yes I bought the wrong device - at least for Germany. (Wikipedia stated Annex-A for analog phone lines, which I have, but Germany only uses Annex-B, which - naturally - I only found out later %-)

    I took it as a challange ;o) which didn't work out :-( So I thought: "Ask an expert." And here I am:

    Is the WAG320N-hardware at least basically capable to be used as an Annex-B DSL-Router?
    And if yes, how can it be done? And is my experiment completely doomed?

    My experiment: (was inspired by
    1. I did a WAG320N Source Code Request:
      contact the office of the Open Source Manager located within Cisco
      Initiate a GPL Open Source Code Request for WAG320N:
    2. Some days later receive an individual download link for the file: WAG320N_v1.00.12-A_GPL.tar.gz
      Download via a so called Special File Download Portal, where you need a Case Number (e.g. 130415-004711) along with the Email Address you supplied when submitting the request.
    3. Extract, modify and try to build a WAG320N ANNEX-B firmware (on CentOS 5):
      1. tar xvzf WAG320N_v1.00.12-A_GPL.tar.gz
      2. cd WAG320N_v1.00.12-A_GPL
      3. cd bcm963xx_4.02L.01
      4. create missing shell script file:
      5. edit the new file "" as followed: (use B for A and b for a)
        1. cp -f targets/WAG320N/WAG320N.B targets/WAG320N/WAG320N
        2. cp -f targets/WAG320N/vmlinux.lz ../kernel/vmlinux.lz.b
      6. cd ..
      7. edit the file "WAG320N_v1.00.12-A_GPL/" as followed: (use B for A)
        1. export ANNEX=B
      8. build the firmware as stated in the file "WAG320N_v1.00.12-A_GPL/ReadMe.txt"
        1. make auto
          (that takes some time, ignore all warnings ;o)
      9. load the firmware to your router: WAG320N_v1.00.12-A_GPL/image/wag320n_B_1.00.12.bin
      10. ERROR after 5%: Cannot upload. Please contact the administrator.
        (in German: Hochladen nicht möglich. Wenden Sie sich an den Administrator.)
        Most pages citing that error just solve it by using another Annex-A or B firmware, which is not available in my case.
    Thanks in advance!

    PS.: I am talking about this device: Cisco Linksys WAG320N
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