ISSUE: Bandwidth Limiter for LAN on Tomato RAF 1.28.9013

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by WaylonCovil, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. WaylonCovil

    WaylonCovil Serious Server Member

    I want my work computer to have sufficient bandwidth while other devices on the network are streaming video.

    I setup Bandwidth Limiter but it appears that device specific DLRate & DLCeil does not work in the Bandwidth Limiter for LAN. Upload seems to work, however.

    All devices on my network have static IPs.

    In the GUI...

    Max Available Download is set to 15000 kbit/s
    Max Available Upload is set to 5000 kbit/s

    My work PC is the only entry in the device list.
    DLRate: 3000
    DLCeil: 10000
    ULRate: 2000
    ULCeil: 5000
    Priority: Highest
    TCP Limit: nolimit
    UDP Limit: nolimit

    In the default class I have:
    DLRate: 1000
    DLCeil: 5000
    ULRate: 500
    ULCeil: 2000
    TCP Limit: nolimit
    UDP Limit: nolimit

    On my work PC, I used to test my bandwidth.
    My max upload would not go above 5000 no matter what I set the DLCeil to. If I set it to 10000 or 500 it would still top out at about 5000.

    However, when I changed the DLCeil on the default class to 10000, my speed test would go up to 10000.

    As I mentioned above, Uploading does work on the device specific settings. When I lowered the UPCeil for my work computer, it would slow down the upload as expected.

    Any thoughts as to why the device specific limits aren't working for DL?

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2014
  2. WaylonCovil

    WaylonCovil Serious Server Member

    Changing my work PC to use an IP address rather than MAC address seems to have solved this issue.
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