Issue downloading v6 firmware from Linksys site

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ntwrkguy1, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. ntwrkguy1

    ntwrkguy1 LI Guru Member

    I just upgraded my dead v2 WRT54GS to a new v6WRT54GS. It seems through the miracle of Linksys LiveChat, I need to download the latest firmware (I think it's 1.50.8).

    So........I download it, and now I can't open the bin file!! Admittedly, I'm not the Father of the Internet or anything, but I should have been able to open a freaking bin file. Of course, if my seven year-old twins were awake, I'd have them open the bin file, right after they spent 30 minutes telling me how they hacked their Xbox 360 console, and now they are communicating with satellites...

    Did Linksys intentionally put an 'unopenable' file on their site? Or am I as dumb as my wife says?
  2. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    When you say can't open the bin file, do you mean directly or from the firmware upgrade page on the router?
  3. ntwrkguy1

    ntwrkguy1 LI Guru Member

    Directly...I unzipped the file, but then I can't open it. Is there an easier way of doing this from the router page?
  4. ntwrkguy1

    ntwrkguy1 LI Guru Member

    Ok....duhhh...just found the 'firmware upgrade' section on the router page. One of these days I'll look thoroughly before I post!! Are there any gotchas to upgrading the firmware that way?
  5. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    The web interface method is the most common method of upgrading the firmware. There is also the TFTP method, but this should really only be used if you brick your router, or if you're killing VxWorks on a v5 or v6 unit.
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