Issue with Logging !

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Phil49, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. Phil49

    Phil49 Guest

    Hi all !

    My WAG54 G is working pretty fairly, but I've got a problem or I think it is one...

    When taking a look at the logs through web interface, here's what I get :

    Nothing for access (either inbound or outbound)!!

    I had flashed the firmware from initial version which was 1.0.1 something to the current one, 1.02.7, and set it to factory defaults a few months ago for DynDNS that didn't work !
    I had called the hotline but they didn't suggest anything interesting except factory default and flashing the firmware, what i had already done !

    But let's get back to logging which is my main concern at the moment !

    I found out this problem when trying to get Wallwatcher to be working properly !
    I could'nt get anything except those events logged in the pasted part above and the help file just told me that it was just fine as far as WW was concerned !
    And this was right, since logs are almost void of any event...

    As i said at the beginning of this post, all the other functions are correct except DynDNS and VPN that don't work porperly !

    I browsed this forum and the Internet and didn't find anything relevant !

    Any idea or solution would be much appreciated !

    Thx in advance,

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