Issue with Native Transmission on Shibby 115

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Kev18, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Kev18

    Kev18 Network Newbie Member

    I used to run Transmission on optware using Toastman mod and I remember I was able to run quite a number of torrents and lots of peer at the same time at very high speed without crashing….I also used an window external transmission UI on my PC to transfer the torrent file to the router.

    I have switched to Shibby mod a year ago, while everything else run great but the native Transmission performance on that platform is not quite comparable…..even for 4 torrents at low speed, it crashed very often and i have to reset transmission and set a cron job to reset the transmission process.

    Is there a reason why? The only difference is that I have NTFS formatted hard drive now as I can transfer those file on to my PC much faster once the files are done…RT-N16 is very slow….(i want to switch to AC56 soon)

    I dont want to install optware as I am not familiar with Linux commands …..there used to be a script that takes cares of HD formating and optware installation by hitting a menu command but that website is gone..(

    Any comment/suggestion appreciated…thanks

    (I used mostly default limit or lower and I have a 100Mbps internet peer limited to 150 and 30 per torrent.)
  2. lancethepants

    lancethepants Network Guru Member

    Shibby's built in torrent client does allow you the option of picking different transmission binaries. Maybe another version will be more stable. You'll need some way to put in another binary on the router though.

    I did a bit of testing in this area (speed testing).

    You can use
    1. My binary (the fastest I've used, hasn't crashed on me with little use).
    2. entware
    3. optware (I've heard to be very stable)

    You can fit my binary in /jffs on your RT-N16 if you don't want to install optware/entware. You just need to put it there and point shibby's built-in transmission to it. I'd like to have someone test it for stability. I've noticed it takes a bit to load the web gui, but is good once it completes loading

    For the fastest torrenting I recommend aria2.
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  3. Kev18

    Kev18 Network Newbie Member

    Hi Lance,

    Thanks for your reply....I would love to try your binary in /jffs.....but I am not very good in Linux and will take me sometime to figure out how to do that... Is there any instruction I can follow easily?

    Option 2 and 3 are no good for me as I want to keep my HD in NTFS format so that I can transfer the movies to my PC via direct USB connection later......via the N16, it is too slow, lucky if i can get 2-5MBPS.

    I usually use Transmission windows app instead of webgui as it provides better interface to transfer the torrent and track progress......

  4. Kev18

    Kev18 Network Newbie Member

    I upgraded to Shibby 116 and installed entware in JFFS today....with USB connected to NTFS hard-drive.... will test the entware transmission code to see if there is any improvement.....
  5. remlei

    remlei Networkin' Nut Member

    Try rtorrent+rutorrent setup, its much faster than any torrent client for linux out there, the only disadvantage of rtorrent is you cant que your torrent or limit simultaneous torrent downloads.

    I can reach about 3mbyte/sec speed using rtorrent, but be careful as the CPU load may spike very high (using a RT-N16 router) around 1.34 CPU load under 3MiB/sec with spike around 2.00-2.94. It may perform much better on N66u, also one disadvantage is you cant use other than ext2/3 filesystem on rtorrent or it may crash (same with transmission when working with fat/fat32/ntfs file system).
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