Issues with BEFW11S4 v4.0 router losing connection often!!

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by vthok, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. vthok

    vthok Guest

    Ok I have my PC connected wirelessly with WUSB11 wireless USB linksys
    adapter. I have packet8 VoIP phone adapter connected directly thru
    ethernet cable into router also.

    Phone adapter is static IP and in DMZ (also outside of range of DHCP
    of router).

    PC obtains IP automatically.

    Well at random intervals (minutes, seconds apart) my router loses its
    internet connection and I can no longer make/recieve phone calls or
    surf the net. Only way around this is to unplug AC adapter from back
    of router and plug it back in. Once I do this everything works
    perfectly fine until the next time the router loses connection (again
    seconds or minutes later).

    I have the latest firmware on the router. I have 2.4 Ghz phones but I
    set channel on router to 11 to avoid interference. Also I have WEP disabled.

    I have also noticed that this problem pretty much only happens at
    night time. Throughtout the day the interent is up and phone is
    operational. But once we get to late evening hours (after 7 pm ,etc)
    the router goes screwy and I lose connection quite often.

    Linksys said I should buy a new router. Anybody have any other ideas
    before I drop some money on a router?

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