Issues with bridge wrt5gs and WRT54GX2

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by ceralon, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. ceralon

    ceralon LI Guru Member

    Ok heres how i have my setup.

    (Internet)WRT54GX2 ---- WRT54GS(INTRANET[DD-WRT])
    2 PC XBOX, XBOX 360, TIVO

    I have installed DD-WRT (I highly recommend for anyone using a 3rd party firmware) All machines can ping one another. However when I SETUP port forward I cannot access my intranet router from the internet. I've setup port forwarding. I put my INTRANET as DMZ on my internet router. Is it possible to get this to work like I want it to? Thoughts / suggestions are welcome!

    Internet router is
    Wireless G expander is
    intranet router is
    My main pc is wired to internet router
    second pc is wired to internet router

    Tivo is wired to intranet router
    xbox is wired to intranet router
    xbox 360 is wired to intranet router
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