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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Kevek, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Kevek

    Kevek Addicted to LI Member

    Hello all,

    I have spent some time reading the posts about Wireless Bridge mode the last two days, but I have been unable to use the advice within them to fix my problem. I am also having one problem that I haven't seen anyone else with. But I am also seeing problems that I have not seen before on the forum (in regards to WEB mode, I have not looked elsewhere)

    So, I am trying to set up Wireless Ethernet Bridge Mode from one Linksys WRT54GL to another Linksys WRT54GL, both running Tomato 1.27

    I have referenced these two guides:

    I have my first router (router_1) connected to the modem, and it's IP address is It is running DHCP, and has WPA+AES encryption. I have set up static DHCP with many of my computers (including the ones I'm using to set up the WEB, and the WEB itself. I used the second router (router_2)'s wireless MAC address and gave it the ip of

    Now, on my second router I have it set to Wireless Bridge Mode, and gave it all of the security settings of the wireless network I'm connecting to. The router has an IP of, and has router_1's ip, as the Default Gateway.

    When I attempt to connect via ethernet cable to router_2 however, making sure I cannot connect to the wireless itself (the wireless card is disabled for me at this step)

    However, with DHCP I am receiving an IP address when connected to router_2 that is outside of the subnet, for example, I just had: (this seems to be popular, I keep getting this IP address)

    This disallows me from accessing the router, so then I manually assign myself something in the subnet (, for example) to try something else with router_2's configuration, just in case. Nothing has worked.

    I have cleared the NVRAM via Administration->Configuration->Erase All Data in NVRAM (thorough)

    I have tried to do Wireless Client mode by the second guide I referenced (not connected). It was unable to get an IP address in this mode, I kept trying to do release/renew via the interface, but it never received an IP address from router_1

    I have tried to ping google from the router_2 interface, it flashes the "Please Wait..." dialogue, but then nothing happens.

    I have tried to set them in AP+WDS mode, as well. Nothing there.

    In status I do see a signal strength of 40-80 after entering my wireless networks information, so it seems as if it's connected... But I really have no idea what I should be doing at this point.

    Can anyone provide some information, suggestions, or help?!


    EDIT: router_1 is an older model, about 8 months older. So it could be an older revision, but I haven't telnet'd in to check. I can't imagine this is the issue, but if someone thinks it is, do tell.
  2. Engineer

    Engineer Network Guru Member

    Manually set router #2's IP to and don't worry about setting it via Static DHCP from router #1.

    The is the self assigned number from Windows, not something from the router.

    I turned off DHCP server of router #2. I manually set the DNS of router #2 to the DNS of my choice (currently using Level 3's DNS) and the Gateway to the IP of router #1 (as did you).

    Hopefully, some of the above will help. I'll re-read your post and see if I see anything else....

    Also, I had have much better results (and luck) with Tomato 1.23 (Teddy Bear Mod USB ND) than any other version after that.
  3. Kevek

    Kevek Addicted to LI Member

    Amazingly (and embarrassingly) I believe turning off the static DHCP on router_1 may have had an effect. I will have to see if it's still working after a reboot or two, as I'm not convinced.
  4. damwill

    damwill Network Guru Member

  5. Engineer

    Engineer Network Guru Member

    By the way, I enabled Afterburner on both my AP and the Bridge and speeds went up quite a bit for LAN to WLAN transfers. Didn't help my WAN (ISP) speed as it's only 10Mbps and the AP/Bridge easily handles that.
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