It's posible to force a static IP in pppoe ?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by zomo, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. zomo

    zomo Network Guru Member

    My ADSL provider uses pppoe and the leases are for 12 hours, and then the IP changes.

    I've forced the lease to the same IP in the /etc/ppp/options in my Suse linux (and it works!), but I dont know how to do it on the WRT54 with firmware DD-WRT v22.

    Looking at the output of "nvram show" I've found this variables:


    but dont know how to use them.

    Anybody got a hint ?

  2. merlin88

    merlin88 Network Guru Member

    I'd try it with firwallbuilder. There you can specify even more than one fixed external address.

    Best regards
  3. zomo

    zomo Network Guru Member

    Maybe nobody understood what I asked ....

    My provider asigns me a random IP for 12 hours with pppoe,, but I've found that if I always claim the same address, I can obtain a fixed IP for months.

    I did that with my regular machine with Suse linux:

    : # change this to the actual IP

    And this is it !

    Now I want to obtain always the same IP, but with the WRT doing it.

    I'm trying to build dd-wrt with an editable ppp/options, but it's not easy (for me)
  4. merlin88

    merlin88 Network Guru Member

    I thought I understand. I would take this assigned IP address into the FWBuilder Interface and give it to the Linksys Device. Then, the assigned one is fixed. You'll allways connect with it to the net, if your vendor support it.
  5. dagg

    dagg Network Guru Member

    when they are using PPPoE, there is little that you can do to force it to use a specific IP.
    you need to be able to specify an IP and have a fallback setting which I didnt see in DDWRT (doesnt mean it doesnt exist though).

    you can try using a keepalive, but generally speaking it doesnt work that well and you may still get a different dhcp address.

    realisticly, the best thing you could do is pay the extra money for the static IP. most places will sell you a static for 5-10/month extra and that will make the problem go away entirely.
  6. yocobs

    yocobs Network Guru Member

    well i get my ip for 2 years now and nobody asks for it as long as you pay for it !!
  7. zomo

    zomo Network Guru Member

    I've forced pppd to obtain always the same IP, using /etc/ppp/options, and it works, I've been getting the same IP for months. But this is with my Suse PC, not the WRT54.

    My provider doesn't sell static IPs, so I cant buy it.

    I want to do the same thing with the WRT54, because I know it works with a normal linux.
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