JAC4 compromised image (hacked malware)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by donaldisquackers, May 29, 2018.

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    I may be one of a few people still running a NAS200, recently I noticed it was running very slow. A little digging revealed it was proxing hundreds of connections per hour, if not more. Upon booting the device would connect to ya.ru and hostby.channelnet.ie . The included toolset on busybox wasn't enough for me to find the actual executable running this stuff. I was unable to see the PIDs of the open ports and all processes seemed "normal."

    Some packet sniffing showed even more nefarious activity. This device has been behind a firewall all of its life. Figuring somehow it got exploited, I decided to re-flash the last firmware image onto it. Again, it does the exact same thing, starts making connections to the above hosts.

    I obtained the original Cisco/Linksys firmware, all clear, no nefarious connection. For giggles, I re-flashed the Jac4 firmware I had, it started making those connections again. If you are still running JAC4, check to see if your version is the same and exhibiting the same behavior. I originally downladed this in 2011.

    NAS200_V34R79jac4.bin md5:f448ae48c3e84aba0cfe89167c44f78a
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