JAlbum on NSLU2?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by griffoun, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. griffoun

    griffoun LI Guru Member

    Has anyone tried this before? Of course the slug has to be flashed, but just wondering if anyone has any experience in it...
  2. Knutt Kase

    Knutt Kase LI Guru Member

    Yes, I've created Photo Album web pages using JAlbum and posted them on my NSLU2 using both the stock linksys firmware (V23R63) and unslung 6.8.
    It works great!

    With the stock firmware, I created a new share called www (any name will work) and assigned access permissions to this share. I also enabled FTP so you can upload the JAblum web page using the JAlbum "Publish" option (if not, just manually copy the JAlbum created files and folders to the NSLU2). Once the files are uploaded, just enter in your web browser the url (http:\\\www\index.html ).

    The unslung method is more elegant, but more complicated to configure. I used the simplewebsite setup instructions from nslu2-linux.org website and installed OpenSSH for secure FTP access. Works great.
  3. griffoun

    griffoun LI Guru Member

    So when you use the stock firmware approach, it seems you're not installing JAlbum on the NSLU2? So does it mean for all HTTP requests via port 80, you redirect this to your NSLU2's IP? What do you put for the "Application Name" field when you do port forwarding?
  4. Knutt Kase

    Knutt Kase LI Guru Member

    That is correct, you are just redirecting Port 80 requests to the NSLU2. With my DLink router, port forwarding works with any Application Name input on the "Virtual Server" menu (I used "Virtual Server HTTP").

    Again this is not the ideal setup, but will give you an idea how well JAlbum web pages can be handled by the NSLU2.
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