Just about to set up a WAG54G advice pls - now RMA'ing

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Colin, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Colin

    Colin Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    Well ive got a WAG54G still in the wrapper in the livingroom and i'm going to a customers house tomorow to set it up. She has 2 machines that will be hard wired and a laptop that will run wireless. Were in the UK and she currently connects via BT yahoo on a BT 2port router.

    I dont want to be struggling like hell setting this up and I want the wireless connection to be stable so I thought i'd ask for a little support. So from what i've gathered from this form....

    Changed the beacon interval to 50ms
    Force it to 802.11b
    I shall remove all software firewalls installed on the machines

    Firmware......... omg i am scared...Im not sure what version is on it at the moment. I see that the latest version at the FTP site is v1.02.7.03 and i'd assume that this version would be the one to go for if I hit problems.

    If you have anymore suggestions for me I would be real happy. This is not going to be my router and I dont really want to be called back to the house because of the wireless connection dropping - which is main concern..

    Thankyou very much in advance

    UPDATE : after reading the horror stories in this forum about this router I went to bed scared out of my wits last night....this is not good. Ive just requested and RMA on it and also ordered a Netgear DG834G as a replacement.

    Col UK
  2. damianpaul

    damianpaul Network Guru Member

    You can also try changing the Fragmentation Threshold and RTS Threshold to 2304. They can be found in the wireless -> advance wireless settings.

  3. RoadhawK

    RoadhawK Network Guru Member

    Yep RMA it. I'm gettin' rid of mine, shittiest bit of hardware i've ever had. 1 minute it works, then it don't, then it does... neverending story 8O
  4. Colin

    Colin Network Guru Member

    Netgear DG834G

    well ive set up the Netgear DG834G, protected the MAC on the laptop. Wireless is as solid as a rock.

    Only thing was I couldent get Bittorrent through it even with ports opened and all firewalls off - but thats BT adsl for ya.

    Overall - very happy with it... the rejected Linksys is still in the livingroom awaiting its RMA number.


    EDIT: days 2 and I get a call - theres no wireless connection.... we had to reboot the router. - any ideas on that networking peeps ?
  5. Colin

    Colin Network Guru Member

    Hi people,

    Well its been a while... and ive installed quite a few DG834G routers for people but I just wanted to pop in and ask.....

    Do linksys yet make a stable ADSL router with no wireless issues ?


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