Just as good as static DHCP!!!

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by CO-Zman, Feb 10, 2005.

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    Duped this from another post...figured it would need the attention.

    Oh, thanks millions Avenger for the firmware!!


    Ok, for all (us) static DHCP holdouts...I got my system working like I need without it.

    I have a Trendware print server, Linux file server, Win 98SE desktop and XP laptop.

    IP addresses & names for example only ;-)

    WRT54GS: } DHCP enabled

    Routername: Thing-a-ma-jig } Browsable name
    Hostname: Thing-a-ma-jig } Name for DNS host
    Domain name: "blank" } I let my ISP provide

    I left my netmask at for now...probably narrow it up as I smooth things out and stop buying computers :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Print server: } All 3 static IP assigned in the software/firmware
    Linux box: }
    Win 98 machine: }

    Set the DHCP start address:
    I gave it 4 addresses to assign.

    The router will accept and allow IP addresses outside it's DHCP range.

    Now, I can set the Win 98 desktop and XP laptop to access static ports of the Linux and Trendware boxes for print and filesharing.

    Only small gotcha: In Win 98, if you set a static IP, then automatic DNS stops. So, in the DNS tab, you must input the Host - "Thing-a-ma-jig", and Domain - "the one your ISP uses", and DNS search order - The routers address is also the gateway entry for static IP.

    For the laptop, since it travels w/ me, I left DHCP enabled on it, and it happily gets an address whenever it joins my network.

    That's it folks. Works like a champ...lasts long time...& it's free!

    Z :p 8O :D
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