Just got a wrt310n

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by WARPed-too, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. WARPed-too

    WARPed-too LI Guru Member

    Looks nice, like the blue lights better than the green ones. Also you can wall mount this unlike my wrt350n so that is a plus. All in all (so far) this router is functionally the same as my wrt350n with out the storage. It does seem to have alittle better range with the WPC4400N too.
  2. WARPed-too

    WARPed-too LI Guru Member

    Here are the two routers together for comparison

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  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the info.

    I would like to see other users comments' on their WRT310N and any WRT160N routers as well.
  4. FrancoisC

    FrancoisC Network Guru Member

    Can you post a picture of it's underside? I want to wall mount it, and I'd like to know my option regarding that. In my case I'd want the cable to be facing down, and not up like on your picture.

  5. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    I got one last March 26th. Last April 10th, I couldn't for some reason get into the webgui. I turned it off the night before and the morning of the 10th, I couldn't access it anymore. I tried a hard reset no go. I tried to re-flash the firmware. It flashed ok but the webgui was still in-accessible.

    Had it replaced with a brand new one from the shop I got it from. Now I'm contemplating if I should use it or sell it LOLs!

    It was actually much better than the WRT350N-v1 I had (that was an expensive cr*ppy router). It has the same broadcom chipset the WRT350N v1 has and the webgui is waaay more responsive than the WRT350N.

    It gets REALLY hot - as in HOT to the touch. Perhaps this is the reason why it stopped working after 16days of use. I made sure I wall mounted it to minimize the heat. I've read some owners had to place it on top of a ceramic tile - the underbelly get's even hotter! So beware if you're placing it on a wooden shelf.

    Here's my take:

    - Ran solidly for 16 days (24/7) without disconnects (until it died for some reason). A major feat considering my daily dose of power cycling the WRT350N-v1 I once had.
    - DHCP Reservation
    - Gigabit LAN (not sure though if Jumbo frame is supported. But given the fact that the WRT600N uses the same LAN chipset and that model does not support Jumbo frames, I would assume this one doesn't).
    - DMZ via MAC Address and the IP.
    - QOS
    - Very responsive GUI
    - Tri-Antenna (internal) as opposed to dual-antenna used by the WRT160N (although I don't know if it has significant difference)
    - Supports LELA (not much of a personal preference because I still prefer setting it up manually. Besides LELA does not work on my 64-bit Vista Ultimate. I don't think it has 64-bit OS compatibility.
    - Can be wall mounted.
    - No useless USB NAS - as experienced with the WRT350N-v1. A dedicated NAS is waaay better than the so-so NAS feature of the WRT350N-v1 anyways :)

    - Port triggering has some issues in f/w v1.00.4. Some times it works. Some times it doesn't.
    - Gets REALLY hot to the touch! I do recommend you place it in a well ventilated area and mount it on a wall for even better ventilation.
    - Not DUAL band. I wish it was.
    - Does not support jumbo frames.
    - No link to the User Manual from Linksys site. Even their customer support was not very helpful when I asked for a copy. I managed to get it from the included CD. Here's 14.73mb of it
    - My Nokia e61i and e90 still won't connect to it when in mixed mode. I tried all channels - no dice.

    I also wanted to wall mount it the way FrancoisC wanted it. - I'll try as soon as I've decided to open the brand new replacement I got :)

    The ones encircled in red are where you can hang it on.

  6. zoleg

    zoleg Guest

    Is there any way to get SNMP throughput related information. Since Rogers is now charging for usage over 95Gb would be nice to double check and see how much traffic is going through the router .... Would be nice to have a MIB as well :)
    In general like this device more. Wireless N still buggy, my iphone works much more reliable and faster if G is set firm, not all. Again, this maybe iphone issue...
    Once links is 1GB leds are GREEN, not blue. No indication if it has full duplex or not from LEDs.
    Hopefully next release of firmware would have more statistics info.
    Like said earlier, do not cover it with paper or anything, as it WILL HEAT UP FAST.
  7. wicche

    wicche Network Guru Member

    Try taking the casing off of it to allow for better colling.
  8. shamelin

    shamelin LI Guru Member


    I have had this router for a month or so and really have been impressed with it so far. Like others have said it does get hot but mine has been up since I started using it. I haven't had to reset it. Its been rock solid.

    I have had issues with my iPhone tho. I had to set the router to G band to get my iPhone to work with it. My PS3 gets perfect connection though it and I have it connected via wireless.

    I have also seen a big improvement on throughput with my Comcast cable. I was using a DLink DLG4300 I think is what it is and I have noticed a big difference in speeds on the LAN and getting out to the internet.
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