Just installed HyperWRT_2.1b1 on my WRT54G HELP!

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by baldyguy, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. baldyguy

    baldyguy Network Guru Member

    I just installed the HyperWRT_2.1b1 firmware on my WRT54G v2 and when I was installing this firmware, the status was moving along and then all of a sudden it says, page cannot be displayed? So i assumed that it was good to go, so I rebooted the router by holding it for 30secs and also going as far as unplugging the power. I am trying to get in by going to and cannot get in at all. i need help!
  2. SteelersFANinMA

    SteelersFANinMA Network Guru Member

    It said, "Page can not be displayed." So, you assumed that it was good to go, followed by a reboot? :oops: :rofl: Sorry to laugh, but that's just really funny. You probably just bricked your router. Look up, "brick" on the forums to get an idea of what a bricked router is, and how to fix it. You can fix it, but it will include taking apart your router and shorting a couple of pins while plugging in the router, AFAIK. Opening your WRT will void the warranty so, if it's still under warranty, you might want to exchange it for a new one. In all seriousness, never disturb the firmware upgrade process if at all possible, (sounds like it wasn't your fault). Since you say that you have a v2 like me, I'll assume that it's not under warranty anymore. If you like to learn, debricking a router could be a good experience. Luckily, I haven't bricked mine...yet. I just upgraded to tofu6.2 Hyperwrt 4.20.8 tonight and everything went well. Good Luck!
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