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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by bmr501, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. bmr501

    bmr501 Network Guru Member

    I just unbricked my router from the posts on this board,so thank you to everyone who put up all the helpfull posts.But I have a question I was running the stock firmware for the Wrt54g v3 router,so I decided to use Tailsman 1.04 and I got bricked,now this has been twice I got bricked useing third party firmware,so I am wondering if going to a third party firmware is worth it.I see a lot of bricked router posts and all of them are from this type of upgrade.I for one will never do it again,too scary,what does everyone else feel on this?
  2. -mb-

    -mb- Network Guru Member

    If you don't NEED any of the features that some of the other firmware provides, why bother. I run stock Linksys firware and have no desire to try anything else.
  3. nuxie1

    nuxie1 Network Guru Member

    Is your router a V2 or V1? I bricked mine (and fixed it thanks to these forums too!) because Talisman doesnt support V1 WRT54G's iirc...
  4. bmr501

    bmr501 Network Guru Member

    Mine is the ver 3,and it seems I bricked it because i did not do the reset and the upgrade properly,there is quite a list of things you must do to get the firmware to work.I really didnt do any of these next steps.

    Routers with with some firmware can take up to 90 seconds to reboot. Let the reboot finish before trying to get back on the web interface. When the power light stops blinking the router should be finished rebooting.)

    Download correct version of Firmware

    Make a record of existing user settings on the router. Upgrading between Talisman versions use the backup and restore function for user settings.

    With router powered on hold reset button for 30 seconds (my V3 router seems to take longer to reset than other versions)

    Power down for 15 seconds and restart

    In web interface restore factory defaults on the router

    Power down 15 seconds restart

    Upgrade firmware

    In web interface restore factory defaults

    power down 15 seconds and restart

    Enter user settings in web interface


    If the router is going to be used as main router for the network power off the cable or dsl modem.

    Connect ethernet cables to the router but not power cable

    After several minutes power on the cable modem and wait until it's booted up and connected to the network (the pattern of lightis on the modem should indicate that)

    Connect power supply to router and observe that it boots up completely (usually when power light stops blinking)

    Test the connection from your computer

    If you can't get on the internet first step is to log onto the router web interface, go to status, and confirm that the router has an IP from the cable modem. (If you are using a v3 WRT this could be a challenge)
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