KAI: How to configure properly?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Pistolero, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Pistolero

    Pistolero Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    First off, BrainSlayer, you kick ass, dude! Awesome piece of software you have given us with DD-WRT! THANK YOU!

    I am a total n00b when it comes to Linux and its command line. After hours of looking everywhere, I found the KAID config file here:


    And I used Vi to edit it, so it will include my XLink user name and password (this was painful, I have used Vi only once before and that was with phone directions from a Linux guru), but I finally got it to include my information. Saved, reopened in Vi to verify my data was still there (it was) and then rebooted to make the changes stick... well, they didn't. The file returned to its pre-editing state. Is there a way I can put that information somewhere (the web GUI doesn't have that option)?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. whatsthedeal

    whatsthedeal Network Guru Member

    i don't think you have to do any of that.

    you put your information in your console applications that use kai (xbmc, avalaunch, etc) - but, not directly into the router.

    hope this helps
  3. Pistolero

    Pistolero Network Guru Member

    Thanks, but my XBox is not modded, so I have the plain old vanilla dashboard on it, and no way to log into the service from there. Ideally, you'd think the router itself would log into XLink so connectivity to others is transparent on your console.

    I am thinking... maybe a startup script?
  4. whatsthedeal

    whatsthedeal Network Guru Member

    well unfortunately, the kaid system is made more for modded consoles than non-modded. the problem is that kaid has game rooms and you have to manually select what game you want to play using either the console or a pc. not having a modded console prevents you from using software that would provide this connectivity (xbmc). I'm afraid that the only solution would be to use the pc client software until you get a modchip (which i highly recommend).

    as far as the startup script goes, i am not familiar with that. i would consider asking this question at the xlink kai forums for kaistation since this is their software. if you do, however, find you can write a script for this, I would be very interested in seeing it.

    best of luck to you.

    ps - get an x3 chip
  5. EliC

    EliC Network Guru Member

    I actually purchased my wrt54g just for the xlink support. Ive been reading around trying to figure out which firmware to use and how to set it up, but cant seem to find any guides or focused discussions, even searching on this site. any pointers?
  6. Jeffrccar

    Jeffrccar Network Guru Member

    since it is in /tmp/kaid.conf
    edit it but do not reboot or it will be lost.

    If it was in Jffs folder(/Jffs/) you could turn on and off the router and it will be there.
    However, i'm not sure how to link this file to Jffs folder.
  7. whatsthedeal

    whatsthedeal Network Guru Member

    Hi EliC,

    could you tell us some more about your situation (i.e. I have a modded xbox or a psp, etc) so that we can help you. If you'll refer to my post above, I think you'll get some help there for what you're talking about.

    Regarding Kaid's setup, it's very simple to do. Basically you need the MAC address of your xbox's network adapter (let the device get an ip address and check your router's dhcp is the easiest way) and you put that address into the dd-wrt web interface - followed by a semi-colon (;)

    e.g. 00:14:AB:FF:66:0E;
  8. havemusic

    havemusic Network Guru Member

    Its Not that you won't be able to play on the Kai network with an unmoded box. Its just that you won't be able to control the arenas or games. You will still have to use a PC connected to control that function. you can still have kaid running on your router, but you will still have download kai for windows to move around. There are alot of people that do this with a wireless laptop by there xbox or even a wired one for that matter.

    You also might want to look at soft mod for your xbox just do a google search.

    Hope this helps, if not ask more questions.
  9. Pistolero

    Pistolero Network Guru Member

    Soft mod... hmmm... do you have any experience with this particular endeavor? Does it work the same as a mod chip? Now, if I got the xbox to run an alternate dashboard with xlink functions, then KAI on the router would be all I need, right?
  10. havemusic

    havemusic Network Guru Member

    I haven't done the soft mod but some of my friends do it. Its out there on how to do it. And yeah when you wanted to play on xlink and just use the xbox for control just load the modded dash.
  11. whatsthedeal

    whatsthedeal Network Guru Member

    while softmodding is cheaper, i just don't like the idea. i would recommend a cheap modchip instead since you would still be able to run the retail bios for whatever reason.

    check www.xbox-scene.com for details
  12. havemusic

    havemusic Network Guru Member

    I agree with whats the deal on just get a cheap mod chip. That way you can still play on live if you wish.
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