kaid Linux MIPS and thibor 15c

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by pitch78, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Is it possible to use kai on thibor 15c ?
    i've downloaded it from temxlink.co.uk in linux/MIPS section.
    then host it on my personal web site and run classic startup script :

    cd /tmp
    echo "#!/bin/sh" > startkaid
    echo "cd /tmp" >> startkaid
    echo "if [ ! -s gokaid ]; then" >> startkaid
    echo "wget \"http://mywebsite/kaid/kaid_7007\" -O gokaid" >> startkaid
    echo "wget \"http://mywebsite/kaid/kaid_7007.conf\" -O kaid.conf" >> startkaid
    echo "sleep 1;chmod +x gokaid;fi" >> startkaid
    echo "./gokaid -d -c /tmp/kaid.conf" >> startkaid
    chmod +x startkaid
    echo "*/2 * * * * root /tmp/startkaid" > cron.d/check_kaid
    touch crontab

    it doesn't work, so i launch kaid manually:
    ./gokaid -c /tmp/kaid.conf
    and this id the result:

    KAID: Kai Engine for KaiStation is initialising...
    KAID: Kai Engine for KaiStation is starting...
    THREAD: Engine thread started...
    User defined signal 1

    i've seen someone who use version one an openwrt Firmware:

    any ideas ?
    thank you...
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