Keep *Dodgy* WRT54GS V4 or new get V5?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by KevinO, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. KevinO

    KevinO Network Guru Member

    Hi All,

    I have an issue with my v4 when my laptop and desktop are directly connected through it.

    Dragging and dropping a 116mb file, for example, from one computer to the other, takes a soul destroying amount of time (region of 10+ minutes).

    If I direct connect the two computers with the same cables as used into the switch, and introduce a crossed cable using a couple of female extenders, the transfer completes in about 15 seconds.

    If I switch the two computers to 100 mb/s HD, and attempt the transfer through the switch, I get a transfer speed very close to the direct connect time.

    Similarly, setting the duplex on both to Auto, returns a speed that resembles that of the HD test.

    QOS On/Off and/or Hi/Low priority doesn't seem to make any difference.

    After 90 minutes on the 'phone last night to Linksys India (Horray for the 0800 number) , I am left with a choice :-

    1) return the v4 as faulty, the switch is supected of not handling the duplex option correctly, and obtain a replacement unit.


    2) live with 100 mb/s HD.

    I don't *really* mind option 2, but I would like to run FD if possible, but should I be worried about receiving a V5 model for any reason, as I assume only these are now available.

    btw, I am running the latest stock UK Linksys FW and have even tried, as per instructed, the latest US firmware, which made no difference.

    fwiw, my adapters are a Broadcom 440 in a Dell 9400 and a Gigabyte Gigabit Ethernet in a Gigabyte 915p MB, and all are upto date with their respective drivers.

    No firewall was present during this test either.

    I think I've done all the testing that should be required, but any insight or advice would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance for all and any help.

  2. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    If you decide to do the exchange, INSIST on a V4, or a WRT54GL instead. Though, I suppose if you never intend to run aftermarket firmware, I think they have most of the kinks worked out of the V5 by now. I'd still avoid it like the plague, but I've become addicted to aftermarket firmware. ;)

    Your other option is to purchase an inexpensive switch and use it instead of the built-in switch in the router. Then you get your 100FD, and your router is still a V4. Of course, you have an additional bit of network gear, and are drawing a bit more power...
  3. KevinO

    KevinO Network Guru Member

    Keep or RMA update:

    Thanks for the thoughts, I'd rather not add more kit, so keep it or RMA it is the choice.

    I've spoken to Linksys again, and they have promised a V4 if I go for the RMA.

    Would take 10 days from receipt of the fubar'd version.

    Hmmmm.... Decisions.... Decisions.....

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