Kernel panic on WRT54GL v1.1

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by lpm11, May 26, 2010.

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    Hello everyone!

    My router is running Tomato v1.27 with OpenVPN Server.
    Sometimes, my router just reboots(sometimes just after I turn off my notebook).
    Sometimes after 4 hours, but the most often: after about 20 hours.
    When I use Skype, reboot is very annoying.
    I have connected router to COM port and during a restart, I saw that:

    a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;a33;{a33;a33;?a33;in fault.c:smileyo_page_fault, line 192:
    $0 : 00000000 1000fc00 00000010 000000e9 00000010 000000bd 00000077 80151a50
    $8 : b8005000 00000000 ff000000 00ff0000 80143c98 80a98200 00000000 00000000
    $16: 8095f000 809b4000 800a35a0 00000a03 00000000 00000001 fffffffe 8009e550
    $24: 00000001 2ac1aaf0 80150000 80151c58 80151cf8 c00f21d4
    Hi : 00000000
    Lo : 00000002
    epc : c00f2080 Not tainted
    Status: 1000fc02
    Cause : 00000008
    Process swapper (pid: 0, stackpage=80150000)
    Stack: 544c1e00 00003dbd 8095f000 8095f008 8095f000 8095f008 809b4000
    c00fa470 80a98200 80163180 8069dd40 800b831c 00000004 00000000 809b4000
    00000001 809b4000 c00fbe78 00010000 00000000 00000000 00000000 80c8b2e0
    809b4000 8095f170 8095f154 c00f1870 c00eddb0 c00edde4 800db1f8 809b4000
    800a33dc 809b4001 00000001 8095f000 c00ff698 809b4000 00000001 00000001
    80151d80 ...
    Call Trace: [<c00fa470>] [<800b831c>] [<c00fbe78>] [<c00f1870>] [<c00eddb0>]
    [<c00edde4>] [<800db1f8>] [<800a33dc>] [<c00ff698>] [<c00ff5bc>][<c00ff560>]
    [<c00f25e4>] [<c0114500>] [<c00de6a4>] [<c00ecc48>] [<c011aa28>] [<c011aac4>]
    [<8001ad48>] [<80143c98>] [<8001a664>] [<8001679c>] [<800a1c98>][<800165d8>]
    [<80016484>] [<c011a76c>] [<8001615c>] [<80002134>] [<80002488>] [<8012dacc>]
    [<8012db9c>] [<8012dbcc>] [<8012dacc>] [<80143c98>] [<80143c98>][<80003080>]
    [<80003068>] [<8000178c>] [<80001780>] [<80132ee0>]
    Code: 00822021 a20000b4 ae0000b0 <8c83000c> 10600006 2484000c 50700005 8c620000 8c630000
    Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
    In interrupt handler - not syncing
    <0>Rebooting in 5 seconds..Please stand by while rebooting the system...
    I've tried to reset to default settings, finally I've cleared whole NVRAM.
    But it didn't help:(
    CPU is set to 200MHz, afterburner, frameburst, WMM are turned off.

    Some commands from CFE:
    CFE> show devices
    Device Name          Description
    -------------------  ---------------------------------------------------------
    uart0                NS16550 UART at 0x18000300
    uart1                NS16550 UART at 0x18000400
    flash0.boot          New CFI flash at 1C000000 offset 00000000 size 256KB
    flash0.trx           New CFI flash at 1C000000 offset 00040000 size 1KB
    flash0.os            New CFI flash at 1C000000 offset 0004001C size 3808KB
    flash0.nvram         New CFI flash at 1C000000 offset 003F8000 size 32KB
    flash1.boot          New CFI flash at 1C000000 offset 00000000 size 256KB
    flash1.trx           New CFI flash at 1C000000 offset 00040000 size 3808KB
    flash1.nvram         New CFI flash at 1C000000 offset 003F8000 size 32KB
    flash0               New CFI flash at 1C000000 size 4096KB
    eth0                 Broadcom BCM47xx 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Controller
    *** command status = 0
    CFE> printenv
    Variable Name        Value
    -------------------- --------------------------------------------------
    BOOT_CONSOLE         uart0
    CFE_VERSION          1.0.37
    CFE_MEMORYSIZE       16384
    NET_DEVICE           eth0
    STARTUP              go;
    *** command status = 0
    memtest retured status 0
    Please help me!

    What is the problem?
    Powwer supply seems to be okay (11,95V).
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