KILLED WRT54G RIP 10/13/2005 !!!

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by philby2530, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. philby2530

    philby2530 Guest

    I am living in FRance and I wanted to increase a little bit the emetting power of my WRT54G (1.1 Firmare 4.20.7 US)

    So after reading a lot of posts I have decided to patch the routeur with Alchemy 1.0.

    The load went OK but after reboot, imossible to reach the router anymore.

    It was "Bricked" as we said.

    So I did look for ways to reset and I found an excellent page on this forum.

    I did the first one (shortcut on pin 15 and 16) and the router was answering to the ping in a hectic way (<1ms them 450 ms then 10 and 375 ms). Not good.

    But I decided to load another firmare : SATORI 4 as it is the smaller one that you can TFTP to your router (The size has to be under 3 Mgs).

    AFter the reboot, the power LED is bliking, the ethernet port are not lighted.

    I ground the pin 16. Same. Definitely dead. Too bad

    So I am not blaming anybody but I would like to warm the one of you who may think to do it. The risk is there and sometime

    THE BETTER IS THE GOOD's enemy !!!

    WRT54G RIP 10/13/2005
  2. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    right now if you short the pins will it reply to the pings...and since your router is newer satori would not have worked at all. you should have used the linksys tftp updater....
  3. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    Sometimes it takes a lot of tries to revive a bricked WRT54G. There is a lof of timing involved. There are several ways of revival. Try them all one by one.

    I was sure that my WRT54G v.2.0 is dead at one point. Guess what? It is my favorite router these days and running as a WDS node.

  4. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    There is a CRITICAL trick to making un-bricking easier, and I don't know why it is not included in most un-brick howtos.

    The trick is most people try to un-brick from a PC directly attached to the LAN ports on the WRT. This does not work too well as often Windows will take some time to recognize it's LAN port is alive and say "100 Mbps connection!". By this time it is already too late usually you have missed the tftp window.

    So instead, you use a little switch between you and the WRT that is always on. I use a Gigafast 5-port switch I got for $10, helps a lot. Much easier to hit the window of time this way. Timing it when it first is coming up is easier if boot_wait is on, may take many more tries if not. You short the pins, plug in with one hand and with the other hit Enter on your tftp utility very quickly after. May take some tries. I think the worst it took me once this way was 25 tries on a WRT with disadvantage of boot_wait off.

    Try this please and post back when you get it unbricked. Also, consider trying out DD-WRT or OpenWRT or one of the others. Many great firmwares out there, not just Linksys and SveaSoft. Try first with Linksys firmware. If switching to DD-WRT, the one I would use for this is from, the v22r2 zip file. I would use the "dd-wrt.v22_basic_wrt54g" bin file. Doesn't have chillispot and some other goodies of full version in same zip file, but very good firmware better than Satori and small enough to fit under the 314500 bytes limit of tftp utility. Always good to start with firmware small enough for tftp if you can. If it works good, then upgrade to "fat" version in same family via the web interface.
  5. ibuyufo

    ibuyufo Guest

    When you guys say bricked do you mean the power light just blinks on and off and you're unable to connect to the router whether using a direct line or wireless?
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