L2TP dialer IP lease problem with all Tomato firmwares

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Lord KiRon, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Lord KiRon

    Lord KiRon Addicted to LI Member

    I connected to my ISP using cable modem and L2TP dialer.
    The problem I experience (present in firmwares .25-.27 for sure) that my Router (WRT54GS v1) gets rather random IP lease time from the router.
    The lease time usually in rage from 40min up to 6 days , but 1h and 24h are most common.
    It looks like this:

    The IP lease time different each time I reconnect.

    Somehow it looks the IP Lease time received even before it dialed L2TP, just by initial cable DHCP:

    Even in log I can see:

    Microsoft (Win7 x64, XP Pro) and other L2TP dialers do not this problem.
    Reseting and even clearin NVRAM on router does not help.

    P.S.: Being programmer myself (well Win programmer :)) it feels like the variable responsible for IP lease time get overwritten by some garbage data.

    I would really appreciate any help.
  2. noodles2k

    noodles2k Addicted to LI Member

    Firstly is the ip static? as in, do you get the same ip every time from the vpn dhcp server? If so, just set it to static.

    I may be wrong here, but I think the lease time is set by the isp, so i'd assume its a problem on their end?

    The reason you have different lease times before and after you connect is simple, the ip leases are assigned by two different dhcp servers. With the cmts providing 24 hours and the l2tp providing 1 hour - i'm guessing that as tomato sees it as a single connection, it is replacing the lease time.
  3. Lord KiRon

    Lord KiRon Addicted to LI Member

    No it's L2TP with DHCP first, meaning first I get IP from my cable modem in cable network, then it dials L2TP over it and get internet IP.
    Both IPs are not static.

    ISP claims the modem DHCP time is unlimited and L2TP DHCP time is set for 1/2 year (took me really long to reach the guy who understand what I am talking about :)) .
    Also as I said Windows dialers do not show this problem and moreever IP lease time even if set by ISP, I doubt it would be random.

    Is there any setting I can make to tell Tomato just ignore IP lease time and do not redial at all?
  4. shap123

    shap123 LI Guru Member

    I had the same problem - upgrading to Tomato 1.28 beta solved it. Now here is what I get during dhcp renew:

    Apr 20 10:09:32 shaprouter daemon.info udhcpc[122]: Sending renew...
    Apr 20 10:11:24 shaprouter daemon.info udhcpc[122]: Sending renew...
    Apr 20 10:12:19 shaprouter daemon.info udhcpc[122]: Sending renew...
    Apr 20 10:12:19 shaprouter daemon.info udhcpc[122]: Lease of obtained, lease time 604800

    L2TP connection is not terminated during this process. The lease time itself is not relevant as it will be renewed w/o terminating your connection just before it expires. (for me it is working only in 1.28 beta.)
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