Lack of comments on Sveasoft closing forums disturbing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sethstorm, Aug 12, 2004.

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  1. sethstorm

    sethstorm Network Guru Member

    Amazing that of all the articles that can be commented on, the Sveasoft forum close is the only one that's not allowed for comments. Fine if you want the reflexive backrubs, but giving sveasoft carte blanche is not exactly "news". Step up to the plate and allow the comments in and be taken more serious than fanboys.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I have already stated why this is.

    sorry if you think we are getting at you but i wont have these forums brought into a heated debate anymore. those type of discussion should be done somewhere else then here.
  3. sethstorm

    sethstorm Network Guru Member

    Finally, a rational answer, and one that sums it up without more than the facts. That's what was asked in the beginning, and has now been found. :)
  4. BertB

    BertB Network Guru Member

  5. BUM5

    BUM5 Network Guru Member

    Cisco-Linksys also not responding

    I sent the following email to both Linksys and's feedback in support of the GPL. I don't know if Linksys or Cisco even care, but at least now they are aware! :wink:

    My topic is under all of your comment fields since it deals with Concerns, Compliments and Praise, and Ideas & Suggestions and should make for some good reading at Cisco-Linksys.

    Dear Cisco-Linksys,

    I do not know if Cisco-Linksys has been following what is going on in the GPL world about your popular hardware and source code, but you have started something and now you really need to take control of this situation.

    I know that you ‘freely’ provide the GPL source code for all the hardware items that effectively run the open-source Linux OS in them. In doing this, a lot of savvy hackers, including other corporations, have taken this opportunity to have a lot of fun providing your customers with some rather interesting new features in their revised firmware’s of your hardware. Needless to say, that’s the cool part of the GPL.

    So that you understand, it has now come to past that other corporations are now profiting from this. Not to mention, they are profiting by taking a bite out of your research and development (R&D). These savvy dudes have turned your hard work into their own profit.
    Take for instance the wireless company, SVEASOFT -, who is now charging for their R&D of your original Cisco-Linksys’s hardware and source code. For anyone to obtain their firmware upgraded source code of your hardware, SVEASOFT is asking for $20 per year to join their R&D forums and have access to their firmware releases. Since they are not the actual manufacturer of the hardware, this is a very interesting standpoint to say the least. Latest rumors say they have over 3000 users, which calculates to $60,000 per year in profits for hardware that they do not manufacture. This could become rather lucrative for SVEASOFT so anyone can understand why they are doing this. However, what does Cisco-Linksys get for your own R&D of Firmware?
    In fact, since Cisco-Linksys, and now SVEASOFT, are always striving to enhance any firmware revisions by adding additional features and fixing old ‘bug’ issues via newer firmware versions, why then isn’t everything essentially considered BETA? That is an interesting point of view; everything is BETA not open-source!

    I know that CISCO offers online support via CCO Online. As a corporate customer of Cisco and a home customer of Linksys, I hope that Cisco-Linksys will not change to the same standpoint that the SVEASOFT Company is presently doing by locking the GPL firmware and source code behind the CCO Online paid subscription service by simply stating that it is all presently R&D BETA which appears to be SVEASOFT’s viewpoint. I hope that this is not simply a loophole in the GPL which SVEASOFT has situated the opportunity to exploit.

    In my opinion, as the actual hardware manufacturer of the equipment which SVEASOFT is profiting from, Cisco-Linksys needs to have a formal talk with SVEASOFT since their plan is to profit from your original Cisco-Linksys hardware and source code by having people pay for their GPL R&D!

    As the original equipment manufacturer, what right anyone else has to profit from your stuff is appalling to me since you had to provide the source code in the first place because of the GPL!

    On the other hand, I simply run your OEM firmware of your WRT54GS. I only need to setup one advanced feature which these savvy hackers figured out could simply be set through your firmware’s PING hack. I just wish the Applications and Gaming Port Range Forward was setup so that I could specify a specific EXTERNAL WAN IP address that would have access my host on the LAN behind the router/firewall. To me, this is the true essence of a Firewall. So, by using the iptables source command option of Linux, I set the nvram set rc_firewall=/user/sbin/iptables –I FORWARD 4 –p tcp –m tcp –d –dport 3389:3389 –s x.x.x.x –j logaccept. This setting allows only the external host (x.x.x.x my work computer) access to my internal LAN client on port 3389 for Microsoft’s Terminal Services on my Windows XP Professional client through your router/firewall and no one else.

    Thank you.
  6. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    BUM5 I don't really understand what your problem is :? If Linksys had been doing it's job properly there would not be a need for people like Sveasoft and this whole argument would not exist :roll: Sadly Linksys lately seem to be in a habit of releasing products before they are fully working and firmware updates to resolve the problems are taking an eternity to come out. It seems to me Sveasoft and the likes are doing Linksys a favour, without their modified firmware it's likely Linksys would be loosing sales.
  7. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member


    As I'm sure you could plainly see two posts above yours - our forum policy does not allow for GPL discussions. They are simply firestarters. I will NOT delete your posts because we are not evil post regulators, but if the discussion continues with GPL (which very few people understand fully enough to discuss), I will lock the thread.

    Please also understand, we are NOT linksys/cisco, so posting this here is not going to get their attention. Simon and I are just two guys trying to bring users together to solve problems and enhance your networking experience.

    Please feel free to take part in other discussions on the forums, but GPL is off limits, since we are in complete compliance with GPL (we aren't producing or distributing anything ;-) ), take it up with the person you feel is violating it if you must.

  8. BUM5

    BUM5 Network Guru Member

    Sorry that you fell this was saying something bad, especially about an off limit topic, but it was not meant to. I just wanted to quite all the ‘rude’ guys who are complaining about all this stuff.
    I join the SVEASOFT bandwagon and pay my $20 to access the SVEASOFT forums which are a great deal for their superb firmware and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

    The response from Cisco-Linksys was what was expected would be their response. Supporting company’s that provide alternative firmware like SVEASOFT that is really cool, and I sincerely apologize if you think I am like those rude other guys that wanted to GPL bash against them.

    So, to all the guys who are not happy with corporations that write great firmware like this and ask you to pay a little fee for the privilege, that’s your problem because you won’t enjoy this great alternative firmware which they are providing to their paying customers.
  9. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Re: Cisco-Linksys also not responding

    problem is who say that linksys wrote there own code for this? the firmware of all the same type of broadcom chipset hardware link the WRT54G is under GPL licencing and thus linksys have problaby used other peoples code so theorically they have stolen someone elses hard work:)

    swings and roundabouts really. afaik the QOS in 2.04.4 is a cut down version of sveasofts own QoS code. gpl belonngs to everyone, though i will leave it there as i aint gonna start a slaging match here....
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