Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Deleted member 11179, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. I have a WRT54G v6, and it has some weird problem. As usual tech support was no help.

    If i ping the router, the ping time is generally low. It's around 2ms, but every 50 pings I get a random jump in ms, to like 100-800ms. This isn't bad for web surfing (which is why no one believes there is an issue, I'm the only gamer in the house), but online games jump very often. Every 10 seconds it jumps slightly... not really bad lag but very annoying. My older router does not do this, and direct ethernet connection does not do this. I'm using the latest official firmware, I was sad to find out HyperWRT only supports 4 and under.
    Whats wrong and how do I fix it?

    Edit - Also my wireless card is linksys, and although both are up to date and should support the one touch setup, it ends up just trying to connect over and over. I had to disable the linksys service to get internet to work.
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