LAN side IP address with DHCP server disabled

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by dBeau, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. dBeau

    dBeau Network Guru Member

    I'm using my WRT54G as an access point only. I would, however, like to
    be able to get at it's admin pages. Since I already have a DHCP
    server running on the LAN, I disabled the one in the WRT54G. The
    problem is that it's LAN side address is hardcoded to the address on
    the setup page. This isnt all that bad, but I would prefer that it
    grabbed an address from my DHCP server instead.

    A simple hardware trick that mostly solves this problem is to use a
    short piece of CAT-5 to loop the WAN port back into a LAN port and set
    the WAN port to configure itself via DHCP. This, of course ties up a
    port on the switch (and looks ugly).

    I figure there's got to be a software trick that does the same thing.
    Either by getting udhcpc to run on the LAN side (when the DHCP server
    is disabled on the LAN side) or by a routing trick to get the WAN port
    to see the DHCP server on the LAN.

    I'd use the DHCP in the WRT54G but it doesnt know how to update my DNS
    server when new clients come on line... and even that would only be a
    solution if there was only one WRT54G on the LAN.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. rich

    rich Network Guru Member

    Why not just assign it a static LAN IP? I keep all my WRT's static. (I have 3.) That way I always know "where" they are. It certainly is simpler....and I don't see any practical downside.

    Now the PC's and my Audiotrons....they grab an IP from the dhcp server.

    Why make things more complex than they have to be?

  3. dBeau

    dBeau Network Guru Member

    I guess it all depends on what is meant by simple. To me, having a
    device grab an IP from a DHCP server is much simpler than having to
    muck with the zone files for the DSN server. If I dont muck with the
    zone files, then that simple static IP doesnt have a name. If it
    doesnt have a name I'll never remember what it's called. Besides,
    when it's set up like an access point, shouldnt it act like one? I
    mean my other APs grab an IP from the local DNS server. So far, looping
    the WAN back to LAN seems simplest but I am starting to think I could run
    a start-up script that checks the status of the DNS server and if it's
    off start up udhcpc on the LAN interface. I just need to figure out
    which interface that is ;)
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