Laptop : WPA2 mini-PCI vs PCMCIA ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chojin, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. chojin

    chojin Network Guru Member

    I need to upgrade the WiFi adapter in my laptop to support WPA2.
    I currently have a GIGABYTE GN-WI01GS mini-PCI adapter (came with laptop).
    I can not find drivers to make it support WPA2.

    Also, it needs to have an Atheros chipset (for class software project).

    So, I turn to everyone at
    Can anyone recommend a good mini-PCI or PCMCIA adapter using an Atheros chipset that supports WPA2?

    I'd prefer mini-PCI (so that it is integrated) but will go with PCMCIA if necessary.


  2. gwheaton

    gwheaton Network Guru Member

    Try doing a Google Search for mini-PCI Atheros
    I just tried it and came up with lots of options
  3. chojin

    chojin Network Guru Member


    Thanks for the response. I've actually already done that. In fact, I've looked at the complete list of atheros adapters (both mini-PCI and PCMCIA).

    I was hoping to get actual recommendations based on other users experiences. The information from manufacturers and eCommerce sites doesn't tell me much about actual performance. It would be nice to know if a card is really good versus a piece of junk.

    Thanks again,

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