large area wifi, GS or GX? etc.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by rearden, Sep 12, 2005.

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    I am trying to wifi a farm. A DSL connection will be available at point A, I need access at remote sites B and C which are a several hundred yards away, sometimes obscured by leaves. Points B and C cannot see each other.
    Using a WRT54G and a 10db omni on one side I was able to sucessfully make low speed connections with a laptop and a 13db patch antenna at both locations. I would like some advice on how to most cost effectively and reliably go about this.

    I am leaning to putting a WRT54GXv2 at point A with some combination of directional and omni antennas to cover point A and put strong signal out to points B and C. With the removeable antennas of the GXv2 unit with MIMO I could basicly "sectorize" my antennas and coverage. Placing WRT54GS units at points B and C with directional antennas pointing at A. I need wired access and hopefully also have wireless access at points B and C. If I can "fill in" the area inbetween by using WDS to obtain client coverage over the general farm area it would be a major plus.

    I plan to use one of the hacked firmwares on the GS units to obtain features not availabe in the stock units. I also would like QoS and WDS to work. Does QoS work on the GX unit? I plan to put voip boxes at all three points along with a webcam and need to be able to ensure the voip works and gets priority. Encryption is not necessary, but would be nice. Is WPA possible or just WEP?

    Will the GX unit work in a WDS environment? Is there a better way to get service to the remote sites and still get some amount of general laptop connectivity over the general area?

    Is there "improved" firmware for the GX? Will there be? Should I get the GX unit with hopes that the firmware will improve in the future?

    A GX unit costs about as much at two GS units; would it be better to just put two units into bridge mode for p2p and then have an additional unit on another ssid and channel for client connectivity?

    Is there a better way to accomplish this? Is there another way to mesh?

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