Latest Firmware for WAG54GS v1.1

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by skiabox, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. skiabox

    skiabox LI Guru Member

    What is the latest firmware for this router?My version as I read it in the web manager is 1.00.08
  2. maryoush

    maryoush Guest

    Hey, the newest is 1.00.12.
    But probably first you have to upgrade to 1.00.9C
    1.00.10 is alsoavailavle ;)

    annex a -> download -> wag54gs 1.0 (the same firmware)
  3. skiabox

    skiabox LI Guru Member

    Is it ok to use firmware for v1.0 ?And why I have to upgrade to 9.0c first?Thnx for the answers! :)
  4. Pembrokeshire

    Pembrokeshire LI Guru Member

    Not Sure

    I upgraded from 1.00.2 to 1.0.12 without a problem. I can say that it seems to have made a definate difference with regards to improving dsl dropouts, configuration, and reliability (anecdotal).
  5. skiabox

    skiabox LI Guru Member

    thnx for the answers but where can I find this 1.0.12 version?Is it compatible with my WAG54GS v1.1 router?thnx!
  6. Pembrokeshire

    Pembrokeshire LI Guru Member

  7. skiabox

    skiabox LI Guru Member

    Yeah I just found this link in the uk site and I just sent an email to their support team asking if this is compatible with WAG54GS v1.1 (In their list I found only WAG54GS v1.0 model)
  8. Pembrokeshire

    Pembrokeshire LI Guru Member


    I can see your question was not answered originally.

    As far as I know the WAG54GS has only one firmware nomenclature Annex A.

    My Gateway was manufactured in October 2005. As far as I know that makes it a WAG54GS - Wireless-G ADSL Gateway with SpeedBooster.

    I know nothing of a WAG54GS v1 or v1.1 and there is nothing on my unit that says one or the other. If you have a reference can you post it please?
  9. User242

    User242 Guest

    Guestion for member Pembrokeshire

    Hi,i also have WAG54GS manufactured in october 2005 and would like to upgrade to version 1.00.12,but it keeps saying Upgrade failed...I have downloaded all versions of firmwares inluding ANNEX A and B from all possible links and none of them works :frown: .Can you tell me the exact procedure of the upgrading please?My current version is 1.00.06.Thanks
  10. n_casquinha

    n_casquinha LI Guru Member

    Hello, so it seems to be a general problem on the wag54gs router...
    Well i have just updated mine!It was a nightmare but it is pretty easy!
    I have downloaded from
    from the EU folder, that is for annex A, the
    and it was only with that utility, that i was able to pass from 1.00.06 to 1.00.08A ...
    I have given my computer a static ip ( and then i hard reseted the router in the small button in the back for about 10-20 secs.
    After finishing the hard reset, i just ran the utility and puff magic :) just wait until it reboots again and all red light blinking disappear and when it looks normal IT IS DONE! you have just upgrade to 1.00.08A...
    wan't even better news!???afterwards i upgraded to 1.00.12 from the inside of internet explorer and using only the router gui interface!!!!!amazing what a litle firmware can do!Sorry for my english but i'm from Portugal!!! lol
    hope it helps! By the Way to access the links, in 19/1/2007...
    USER: linksys Password: beta559
    Any doubt don't hesitate to e-mail or just add me to your msn!
    I'll help anyway i can, even sending the files of course!
  11. cine

    cine Guest

    Port problem after update

    Hi I have just updated my WAG54GS ver1.1 with 1.00.12 firmware but now I can no longer save any port forward options. I set up the IP, port and then select the tick box but after saving the pages just show the old settings and the box unticked again. All the port option I setup in 1.00.8 are all there and ticked it just I can add any more.

    Anyone else had this kind of problem.

  12. cactusfazer

    cactusfazer Network Guru Member

    Have you doing a factory reset? it is necessary on all linksys product.
  13. racky29

    racky29 LI Guru Member

    Currently Working ftp mirror, for all linksys


    The first post has reference to this ftp (currently not working)
    But that one dont work anymore

    Here is the Latest Working ftp mirror, it has all firmwares for wag54gs, and many other linksys
    02, 06, 08, 08a, 09c, 012 for annex A and B WAG54GS/ (Working ftp)

    and heres the link to the Firmware Update Utility. update older fw to .08a ready for update to .012

  14. skid7j

    skid7j LI Guru Member

    There is a general problem with the WAG54GS with firmware upgrading.

    You must update the firmware one step at a time using the firmware update page on the router

    Before updating, hard reset your router (put a pin in the back for 10 sec)

    Follow the list below which has been proven to work, starting from whichever version you currently have. DO NOT miss out any versions or you may run into problems. Remember to hard reset first and reboot between versions to ensure it goes without a hitch.

    • Hard Reset the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.02
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.06
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.08
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.12
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.01.00
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.01.01

    To find the firmware files either email linksys or google them.
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