Latest Firmware Revisions - Update 04/18/05

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jdepew, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    The latest firmware revisions for the WAP54G are

    Linksys Official:

    2.08 released 1/24/05 download here ALL hardware revisions

    Version 2.08, Jan 24, 2005
    - Improves performance when used with WRE54G
    - Adds WPA PSK support in Wireless Repeater mode
    - Fix: System log displays incorrect log time
    - Fix: When security is enabled in AP Client mode, it does not show enabled in basic page
    - Fix: In AP client mode, connection drops when connected to another WAP54G
    - Fix: IP fragmentation security vulnerability


    HyperWAP v1.0 - based on Linksys 2.07 - Can be downloaded here

    MustDie v2.07.1 - based on Linksys 2.07 - Can be downloaded here

    Sveasoft Freya - based on Linksys 2.06 - released 4/16/04 download here

    These all support ALL hardware revisions of the WAP54G.

    Additionally, the upcoming Sveasoft Talisman software is said to be extended to support the WAP54G in the future.
  2. Jan

    Jan Network Guru Member


    Firmware 2.07 is no longer the lates version and the Freya link is dead.
  3. OVeRide

    OVeRide Network Guru Member

    what is the newest firmware and where can I find it?
  4. thechad

    thechad Guest

    2.08 firmware

    Just setting 4 of the WAP54G access points and they are runnning
    Firmware: v2.08, May 13, 2004, ETSI

    from the factory, can't seem to find a download of this anywhere?
  5. Packet

    Packet Network Guru Member

  6. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    Whoopsy, yes, this thread needs to be updated. Will do
  7. abra

    abra Network Guru Member

    I bought a WAP54G in Germany and it shows also firmware 2.08, but from april 2004 ? Is it possible to upgrade that release to 2.08 from january 2005 ? If yes, can somebody please explain how can this be done (did not find any upgrade firmware option) ?
    Thanks in advance.
  8. mingkee

    mingkee Network Guru Member

    but I'd like the firmware adds wireless client (AdHoc/Infrastructure)
    simply put the target AP's SSID (MAC Filtering/WEP/WAP, if any), and all set
    the recent AP client mode is kinda of confusing, and it's for WAP only (???! how about other wireless AP/router?)
  9. Ande

    Ande Network Guru Member

    Some News:
    Linksys released EU-Firmware 3.05 on Dec 29th 2005. I'm using WAP54Gv2-EU and already updated from 2.08-EU to 3.02-EU. Now that 3.05-EU is available I wanted to update to 3.05-EU version because of some problems. But: The 3.05-EU-relnotes say that this firmware can't be used with WAP54Gv2 devices. :thumbdown:

    Just had a chat with Linksys US support regarding firmware versions and WAP54Gv2. They said that 3.04 ist the most current version and that it's available for both WAP54G v2 and v3. Linksys US support doesn't know about a 3.05 version.
    Linksys EU support does not seem to know about a 3.04 version, since there are only two 3.x-EU-versions available: 3.02-EU (useable on WAP54Gv2) and 3.05-EU (not useable on WAP54Gv2). It's really "great" ... :(

    I wrote a mail to german Linksys support because of the actual problem I have and because of the firmware versions and will come back to you after they responded ...
  10. Psychochicken

    Psychochicken Network Guru Member

    more news, from Australia Linksys link

    WAP54G - Wireless-G Access Point

    Firmware Date: 11/01/2005
    Firmware Release Version: 3.04
    Firmware File Size: 1.61 MB

    and to edit this again, this is what it has changed to since typing this
  11. vinceplus

    vinceplus LI Guru Member

  12. ravenhwk

    ravenhwk Guest

    All these links are dead

    Where are the firmware's?

  13. derfz

    derfz Network Guru Member

    The latest firmware for the WAP54G is 3.04.03

    This firmware fixes the WPA breaks Repeater/Bridge modes as well as several other more minor issues.

    The firmware can be downloaded from here.

    or from the Linksys website.


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