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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by mojedokumenty, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. mojedokumenty

    mojedokumenty Network Guru Member

    Somebody in a recent thread suggested making this thread sticky.

    As of today (16 Oct 2006) the most recent Tomato Firmware is 0.07.0812 - abbreviated to 0.7 for convenience.

    Some general info:
    Though still experimental, 0.7 can be considered stable enough for most applications.
    Requirements: WRT54G v2-v4, WRT54GS v1-v4, WRT54GL v1. It won't run on v5 or newer G/GS routers. Please note that it won't also run on WRT54G v1.

    For more info on the latest release please visit:
  2. tievolu

    tievolu Network Guru Member

    Did you not notice the thread posted five days ago, entitled "Tomato 0.07 released"?
  3. mojedokumenty

    mojedokumenty Network Guru Member

    sure, I thought it would be nice to keep one thread sticky, no matter what version
    that way, it'd be much easier to keep track of potential problems/fixes/etc under one roof
  4. fareal

    fareal LI Guru Member

    I suggested this thread here..

    Thanks for creating it, hopefully it'll get stickied or at least updated quickly for every release :smile:
  5. fareal

    fareal LI Guru Member

    Tomato 8 and 9 have been released. Nobody else likes the idea of a dedicated thread to new releases so we can all subscribe to it and be informed ASAP instead of having to check the main forum randomly?
  6. myersw

    myersw Network Guru Member

    I like keeping a separate thread for each version like other forums seem to do. If there is just one then it gets big and may be hard to find info. Keeping it to a version allows updates about that version. Also makes it easy for someone who chooses to not upgrade to still easily see what issues there are with a given version.
    Just my $.02
  7. turbo53

    turbo53 Network Guru Member

    I agree. And in any case, Jon has said that he is getting ready to end the beta period and release a v1.0. Once that happens I expect that the frequency of new releases will drop off sharply and this will become a moot point.
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