Latest WRT54G and WRT54GS firmware Mac DHCP Problem

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by LarryKahan, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. LarryKahan

    LarryKahan LI Guru Member

    The latest firmwares for wrt54g ver 5 or 6 (firmware ver 1.01.0) and wrt54gs (not sure of which versions) (firmware ver 1.50.9) seem to have problems providing IP addresses to Mac computers via DHCP. The problem occurs with both wired and wireless connections. The same routers will allow connections from Windows PCs while failing with Macs. The solution seems to be to go back to the previous firmware version, 1.00.9 for wrt54g available here:
    Look for close to the bottom of the list.

    or 1.50.8 for wrt54gs available here:
    The problem may not appear for several days after updating the firmware, but then cannot be overcome by resetting the router or reflashing the new firmware. Flashing the older firmware will restore router function. The problem does not seem to affect PCs but does affect some other devices in addition to Macs.
  2. Rasampson

    Rasampson LI Guru Member

    I have experienced this. I upgraded to firmware 1.50.9 on my V5 router and I had all kinds of DHCP problems. My HP 110Plus NR printer lost its IP address and so did my Brother HL-5170DN laser printer. I could not get them to work with either my PC or Mac G5. My two sons lost connection on their Mini's using wireless or cabled ethernet. I finally downloaded the 1.50.8 firmware and re-flashed and now my sons can connect. I still had to assign static IP addresses to the two printers to get them to work.

    I bought this router to upgrade to 802.11g speeds for my two son's new MacMini's about 6 months ago and ever since installing it, I have had drop out problems where both wireless and cabled ethernet would not connect to the internet. I had to power down the router and that would re-establsih the internet connection. I never had that problem with my Netgear 802.11B wireless router.

    I tried to upgrade the firmware hoping to stop the drop outs. Alas, I am right back where I was after about 6 hours of total frustration. I thought that my jet direct card in the HP printer had died and spent 3 hours with HP tech support who finally assigned a static IP to the printer to get it to work.

    Linksys needs to address this ASAP.
  3. Bruce_F

    Bruce_F LI Guru Member

    Does grading firmware work?

    Opps... I double posted trying to fix the heading. Sorry!
  4. Bruce_F

    Bruce_F LI Guru Member

    Does downgrading firmware work?

    I called tech support about this problem after I flashed the firmware with version 1.01.0

    The technician warned me that downgrading the firmware could harm the router, so I haven't attempted to re-flash the firmware with ver 1.00.9

    Have you actually done the downgrade and corrected the problem? I'd be willing to give it a try if I knew that someone else was successful. Otherwise, I'm waiting for the fix.

    My router is brand new. I suppose I could just return it for another one.
  5. Bruce_F

    Bruce_F LI Guru Member

    Yay! it works!

    In another thread, (sorry- I don't remember how I got there), discussing this firmware problem, I downgraded the firmware from ver. 1.01.0 to 1.00.9 on my router and it's working normally again!

    Thanks to whomever discovered it could be done!
  6. mlem

    mlem Guest

  7. RingeRaja

    RingeRaja LI Guru Member

    And what about WRT54G v7?
    I don't see any experience with this model.
  8. farpumpe

    farpumpe LI Guru Member

    Hopefully they'll make an update for the WRT54GS soon!
    I have a V6 and had to go back to firmware version 1.50.8 and now I have to reboot the router quite often, cause it suddenly freezes.. :(
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