Lights are on, but no-ones home??? LAN side anyway???

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by possiblynotorious, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. possiblynotorious

    possiblynotorious LI Guru Member

    Well, iv re-flashed my wap54g, i think its hardware version 1 as it doesnt have v2 or v3 in the model number thing

    i first flashed with mustdie firmware as provided on this site, and couldnt connect via wifi, then i also tried hyperwap v1.0 to no avail :-(

    im not sure if im doing the hard reset right though, i have read the procedure on many sites time over time but should i be looking for any specific light sequence that says "yeah!! wooo.....iv just been hard reset baby!!" or does it not give any clues away at all?

    i can access the router through the wifi fine, and can do firmware upgrades and downgrades etc...

    im also on the right IP band......

    any ideas???
  2. possiblynotorious

    possiblynotorious LI Guru Member

    nevermind, sorted it now.......

    turns out i had to downgrade to v1.09 then goto back up to hyperwap.... :-D

    84mw all the way :)
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