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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by fysloc, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Hi, I got some issues with trying to configure QOS to manage my home network, heres my situation:

    I have 3 main computers, 2 consoles, and 2 basement tenants. My current QOS is set up that the 2 consoles get highest priority (100% down and upload) by SRC MAC and for all protocols, the 3 main computers get high (100% down, and 80% upload) by SRC MAC and the basement tenants get lowest (50% down, 35% upload). Now the issue is, while I mostly am satisfied with restriction my basement tenants usage such that they cant hog the bandwidth anymore (yay), bit torrents from any of the 3 main comps still hog the entire bandwidth (boo). Is there a way such that say 1 main computer gets high priority in everything EXCEPT for bittorrents? I also cant use the other method of putting bittorrents in its own category and as low priority as the SRC MAC setup i use would bypass that. Another reason i went with SRC MAC is because I cant determine what protocols/settings to use to restrict the effects of streaming video from a Chinese server (which prompted me to upgrade to tomato in the first place) to restrict bandwidth hogging (its suprising how much upload bandwidth 1 stream takes, almost 80% of my total). So my question is, how do I set it up such that Computer A B and C can have complete freedom, except when using bittorrents, which should then only use bandwidth if it is available?

    EDIT: More clarification as to what I want to do:

    So lets say my computer A is downloading a torrent and nobody else is using the internet. It gets all bandwidth that is availiable. Now lets say computer A and B are now on, but A is still running torrents, and B wants to play a game. My current set up does not give bandwidth priority to B since everything from A is higher than B, despite me wanting it to automatically take bandwidth away from A's torrents and give it to B. Another situation to consider is that if A has torrent running, and A also wants to play a game. That game will be slow/laggy as the torrent is running on the same computer, where I want it such that when the game starts and connects to server, bandwidth to the bittorrent application is taken away and given priority to A. Hopes this explains better.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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