Link Logger and Windows 2000 on Virtual PC MAC OS X

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by FalconYT, Jul 19, 2005.

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    Has anyone been successfull running LinkLogger on a Virtual PC on MAC OS X???? I have installed it and tried to configure the network settings on a Windows 2000 virtual machine.....

    I get it to connect but no info is passed to LinkLogger.???

    The VPC W2K Network Settings are static at:,


    Talisman is pointing to for SyslogD

    The Mac G5's IP is (same subnet) Gateway and DNS are the Linksys

    If I point LinkLogger's router setting to the disconnected router message goes away, but I get no info. Is there anyway to forward this info and connect it. Any other internet based app works on the virtual W2K machine itself. Am I just on the wrong track completely. the goal is to just leave the VPC up rather than have a PC and my MAC running.

  2. FalconYT

    FalconYT Network Guru Member


    To get it to work you have to take Microsoft Virtual PC and turn off the Virtual Switch mode. (under PC settings) If you leave it on Virtual Switch it will use it's own NAT to give an IP to it. This explains the other subnet that was there..

    Then go into your OS that's running in the virtual machine and give it an IP address in the same range as your router:

    IP Address 192.168.1.x
    gateway (whatever IP your router is)
    DNS (whatever your router is)

    Then follow the instruction that came with Link Logger to set it up with your linksys Router...

    Tried Wall Watcher as well worked fine too..
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